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BLOGMAS: 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome back to day 23 of Blogmas. I’m not going to lie, typing out 2020 in the title was such a weird experience. 2019 has absolutely flown by which means it’s time to plan for the year ahead. This blog post is about my setup for 2020 in my Bullet Journal. I hope you like the setup as much as I do and let’s get to it!


The notebook I’m using for 2020 (well the start because a notebook never lasts me for the entire year) is a Dingbats A5 earth collection notebook. This is their newest in their earth collection and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it! I have used a Dingbats notebook before and I absolutely loved it at the time. You can check out the review I made here.

Other supplies I’m using are a Sakura Pigma Micron in 03 and 005, a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen in the soft tip, a Tombow Dual Brush Pen in N75 and N15 and a Zebra Mildliner in Grey.

Future Log

The first spread in the setup is my Future Log. In this notebook, there’s actually a page which has a small print of Future Log at the top. I didn’t really want to use this page for anything else which is why my Future Log is the first page.

In my previous setup, I went for a horizontal Future Log and it worked really well for me so I decided to go for that same layout again. I love how simplistic this setup is. The minimalistic leaf doodles at the top help to tie this spread together and I’m really happy with the result.

Year at a Glance

Having a Year at a Glance spread has become a necessity for me in my Bullet Journal. It’s a good spread to have for when I need to flick quickly to see a calendar. Again, I love how minimalistic the spread is.

2020 Cover Page

As the rest of the spreads are minimalistic, it made sense for the 2020 Cover Page to also follow the same route and I couldn’t be more happy with the result.

Grid Spacing

A grid spacing page is so useful for me. I use it for guidance when creating monthly spreads. It’s helpful for the measurements and things like that. I would urge anyone who has a Bullet Journal to incorporate this spread as it’s so useful!

A Year in Pixels

The next spread is my A Year in Pixels spread. 2019 will be the first year that I’ve completed this spread (hopefully) and I’m loving the way it looks so I had to include it again! I’m using different colours this time though and I intentionally went for a rainbow because… why not?

Follower Tracker

I included a follower tracker in 2019 and I really liked having that in my Bullet Journal which is why it’s here in 2020. I love the polaroid type tracker so I went for that same layout and I’m really happy.

Reading List and Watch List

This is a new spread for 2020. I have so many shows and books that I want to watch and read so I decided to include a spread so I could make note of them. Is this space going to be filled very quickly? Probably.

Weight Tracker

Another new spread is a weight tracker. One of my goals for the new year is to lose weight so I need somewhere to track my weight and see how I’m getting on! I decided to go for a monthly tracker so it doesn’t get too intense. 

2020 Goals

A regular spread in a new year setup is the goals spread. I have 5 goals that I want to achieve in 2020 and so I made the spread to write them down. 2020 will also be a year that I focus intensely on these goals and I have ideas for monthly spreads to keep me accountable.

Quote Page

I had a blank page next to my 2020 goals and so I decided to include a new year related quote to fill that page. I love the outcome and I love the quote and how the layout fits in with the other spreads.

Blog Post Ideas

The last spread is a double page dedicated to any ideas I have for a blog post. A double page allows room and allows me to brainstorm clearly which is something I like!

And that’s my 2020 Bullet Journal setup! Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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