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BLOGMAS: My Christmas #OOTD

Hello everyone and welcome to day 21 of Blogmas! I can’t believe we are fast approaching the end! It’s insane how quickly this month has gone! It feels like yesterday it was December 1st and I uploaded the Christmas Tag. Now we’re 3 days away from Christmas Eve and thus the end of the Blogmas!

Anyway, today’s blog post is going to be a bit brief but that’s okay because I’m talking about my Christmas Day outfit. I am the kind of person that likes to plan my outfit for Christmas Day in advance and I am very much looking forward to wearing the outfit I have planned. It’s cosy, comfortable, warm and festive all at the same time!

The first part of the outfit is the trousers. I will be wearing some really comfy charcoal jeans that are stretchy. This is perfect for when I inevitably stuff my face throughout the day! Black/grey jeans are so versatile and they will go with pretty much anything so I am happy with my choice.

The next part of the outfit is the jumper and it’s very exciting this year as you can tell from the photo. It’s a Christmas Jumper and I am so excited! I love this one because it’s loose-fitting, it feels nice and it has music within it! I’m going to be so popular.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I shall see you tomorrow!

Love Beth


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