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BLOGMAS: Youtubers I’m Currently Loving

Hello everyone and welcome to day 17 of Blogmas! Today’s post is all about the Youtubers and youtube channels I’m currently loving. I absolutely love Youtube and I spend a lot of time watching videos in my spare time. My taste in Youtubers is quite versatile so do keep that in mind. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Bullet Journal Youtubers

1) AmandaRachLee

2) Caitlin’s Corner

3) Helen Colebrook

4) Jenny Journals

5) Plant Based Bride

I absolutely love watching Bullet Journal Youtubers. It’s where I get inspiration and it keeps me motivated to keep going with my own bullet journal. All of these Youtubers are amazing and they have incredible Bullet Journals. They’re all so different which is what I like about them so much!

True Crime Youtubers

1) Eleanor Neale

2) Georgia Marie

3) Danelle Hallan

4) Kendall Rae

5) Samantha M

If you know me, you know I love watching True Crime youtubers. I really love all of these people. Each of them is very respectful which I really appreciate. They’re also all very different so you end up with various cases to think about!

Study Youtubers

1) Eve Cornwell

2) Coffeemlk

3) Jack Edwards

4) Luke Birch

5) Studyquill

6) Tbhstudying

Oh, I do love a studytuber. I’m very appreciative of them all as they got me through my A Levels. I have learned some valuable tips when it comes to studying which I will implement when I go back to university in September.


1) Liverpool FC

I love my team. What do you all expect?

Horror/Scary Youtubers

1) Mr Nightmare

2) Dead Meat

Both of these Youtubers are probably my favourites so far. Both of them are very different but each has that dark side which I like so much.

Beauty Youtubers

1) Sophdoesnails

Soph is probably the only beauty Youtuber I appreciate. She’s very relatable and very funny and I just end up becoming more and more obsessed with her every time I watch her videos!

And that’s everyone. Thank you so much for reading and I shall see you tomorrow! Who are your favourite Youtubers? Let me know!

Love Beth


2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS: Youtubers I’m Currently Loving

  1. Since I only share the journalling and study sections with you, I have common YouTubers with you there! I enjoy AmandaRachLee and Caitlin’s Corner as well. And tbhstudying has a very nice vibe.

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