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BLOGMAS: Reading Through Old Journal Entries Part One

Hello everyone and welcome to day 12 of Blogmas. Today is a very self-reflective post as I’m looking back at old journal entries I’ve made in my Bullet Journal. I won’t be including photos in this post because there’s quite a few personal stuff in my entries. However, there’s quite a lot to get through so this will be the first part of three. This post covers my 2017 journal entries so without further ado, let’s get to it!


“Felt really bad today. Cried for ages. Tattoo booked.” – 4th August 

“Got my tattoo done today.” – 11th August

“London with Mama” – 21st August

To clarify, these sets of entries were part of my one line a day spread in my Bullet Journal. I didn’t really put detailed journal entries in my Bullet Journal back then for whatever reason. I guess the sentences being vague were about my journal entries rather than me talking about the journal entries.

I don’t really know why I was so upset at the beginning of August. I don’t think I was on any medication at the time of writing so I can imagine my mental health being really low. It’s actually quite upsetting looking back and seeing how many down days I had.

The tattoo I’m talking about is my bee tattoo on my wrist (I’ll leave a link to a blog post about it here) which I still love to this day. I didn’t go into too much detail about the tattoo but I was very happy with it at the time.

I went to London with my Mum to see Against at the Almeida Theatre which was very bizarre from memory. I got a ticket for just £5.00 due to the Almeida Theatre offering discounted tickets and I’m glad I got to go. It was nice to spend time with my Mum.

“I have so much to do but it’s fine. Coursework is officially taking over my life. I have so much to do with History and English I want to cry. Oh well.” – 21st October 

“I got my nose pierced today ah!” – 26th October

Half term was definitely an interesting time during my second year of A-Levels. I was so stressed over coursework for History and English which was not fun in the slightest. I did end up doing considerably well in both of them though which I’m happy about.

As for my nose piercing, I think that was the time when I had both sides pierced. It didn’t last for that long though, unfortunately.

“I had CBT today which also went well….. Feeling pretty great not gonna lie.” – 15th December 

“I have become obsessed with unsolved cases on youtube.” – 17th December

“Still obsessed with mystery mondays.” – 18th December

“I’ve been quite anxious to do with Twitter.” – 19th December

“I took my cousin to the play park today.” – 20th December

My CBT started around this time I’m pretty sure. I’m glad that I was happy on this particular day. It’s good to see that I did have some positive times in 2017. The last few entries I’ve read for 2017 seems to show it was quite a difficult time for me.

I do love that I have written exactly when I became fascinated by true crime videos. I think I was watching Bella Fiori and Danelle Hallan mostly back then. I still appreciate those two so much!

I don’t know why I was anxious about Twitter but it shows, albeit sadly, how quick my mental health could fluctuate from day-to-day. I just want to clarify this is completely normal and if you ever need anyone to talk to, my DMs are open on my social media.

I remember taking my cousin to the play park on this day so vividly. He was two years old then and an absolute sweetheart. I do miss him.

And that’s part one of this post done! Do you write journal entries and have you looked back recently? Let me know!

Love Beth


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