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BLOGMAS: My Favourite Things About Christmas

Hello everyone and welcome to day 9 of Blogmas. I’ve got another rambly post for you today as I discuss my favourite things about Christmas. Christmas is always one of my favourite times of the year so of course, it feels only necessary to make a post about it. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The Weather

Is this a weird thing to like about Christmas? I mean, we never get a white Christmas in the UK but it’s always a fresh day. Mum and I always say each year we hope it’s not sunny with blue sky outside because it just ruins the vibe of Christmas.

I suppose I mean more specifically the weather in the build-up to Christmas. Winter is my second favourite season after Autumn and I love it when it gets dark quickly outside. You just want to rush home, have an early bath and climb under many layers watching your favourite Christmas movies.

The Clothes

Ugly Christmas jumpers are the best thing to exist, okay? I finally have one for this year and it’s so beautifully ugly. It plays music as well and that makes me very happy.

Of course, I could talk about clothes as a whole for this time of year. Is there anything better than baggy jumpers and chunky boots? Do not try and change my mind, please. Thank you.

The Decorations

At the time of writing this post, my Christmas decorations are not up but I can not wait until they are. I really enjoy when all of my family are together decorating the Christmas tree. We always put a festive playlist on and I just feel very content afterwards.

Does anyone else like driving around their neighbourhood and seeing the outdoor Christmas decorations? They’re always so pretty and colourful. I love them.

The Music

I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Christmas music is my favourite as you have probably gathered from previous blog posts. I’m currently obsessed with All Alone on Christmas by Darlene Love.

Spending Time With Family

My absolute favourite thing about Christmas. I love spending time with my family and having a laugh. We play games, drink together and watch movies with each other.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Beth


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