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BLOGMAS: Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I could turn this into a consumerist letter like any other. I’d like a Liverpool Football shirt, a new Bullet Journal and Dr Martens. I would go on like this but I don’t think it’s fair. Of course, consumerism is embedded in Christmas but I want to take away from that in this letter. I hope you don’t mind.

It’s strange. When I was planning what to say to you, I had so many things in mind. Now when I sit here and type this letter, my mind is blank. Isn’t it funny how the brain works like that?

I guess the main thing I would like for Christmas is to be happy. I’m a little bit fed up with my mental health being poor. Constantly judging to conclusions, making the people around me miserable, spending most of my time crying. It’s really not fun, Santa.

On top of that though, Santa, I also would like my family to be happy. I would love for them to have a positive and happy Christmas and beyond. My parents have been through some really tough things over the last year. I just want them to be smiling all the time.

Finally Santa, I would love for the world to be a more positive place. I want people to be able to love who they want without stigma. I want racism to be erased from society. I don’t want food banks in this country. I don’t want poverty around the world. I want everyone in this entire world to be happy.

Happiness is so important to me, Santa. For me, my family, my friends and the world around me.

All I want for Christmas is happiness,

Love Beth


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