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November Bullet Journal Setup

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another blog post. It’s that time of the month again where new spreads are set up and planning for the month begins. Can you believe we’re in November already?

This month’s theme is Fireworks. In the UK, 5th November is Bonfire Night and so I thought this month would be a perfect time to use this theme. Of course, it means I won’t do be able to use this theme in January for new years but I struggled to think of a theme for this month. Regardless, I’m really happy with the outcome and let’s get to it!

Cover Page

I’m really happy with the outcome of my cover page. I used various types of doodles of Fireworks to create the fireworks around the title of November. The colour theme I went for is various shades of yellow and gold and I really like the way each colour compliments the other. I also like the shadow used in the title. It makes it stand out nicely and overall, I’m very happy with everything.

Monthly Spread

I absolutely love the way my monthly spread has turned out. Each square space is 5 by 5 which is perfect for me. I used to do 6 by 6 and even 7 by 7 but I don’t particularly need that much space. I also reinstated my follower tracker to the side of my calendar. I didn’t have it last month and I really missed it which is why I included it for this month. I also included various firework doodles which look really nice. Like I said before, I really like this monthly spread.

Habit and Mood Tracker

If you know me, I tend to prefer my mood trackers in a graph like form. However, I decided to go for something very different for me and go for a colour mood tracker this time. I’m excited to see how this works for me this month and I’m looking forward to the end result. As for my habit tracker, I’ve done a layout similar to this before and I really like the way it looks. I also find it easy to follow and fill out so all is good.

Quote Page and Gratitude Log

I love a good quote page and I thought it would be a good idea to position it next to my gratitude log. I absolutely love using this spread and I love the way it looks once it’s filled out. I didn’t change the layout for it though and I don’t see that happening for quite some time.

Blog Planning

I decided to introduce a blog planning spread into my bullet journal for this month. I want everything to all be included in the same notebook which is why I included it. I also kept the page blank so that I could use it in a way that works for me as I’m planning.

Brain Dump

As always, I have a brain dump at the end of the spreads. This is always left blank as I end up filling it with a bunch of miscellaneous things. It’s always handy to have so I highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading! What theme have you done for November? Let me know!

Love Beth


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