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I Dropped Out Of Uni

I honestly was not expecting to have to write this type of blog post but there we go. I dropped out of university.

Today’s blog post is going to be a little explanation as to why I made this choice and what my plans are for the foreseeable future. I know I’m not the first person to have dropped out of university and I know I won’t be the last to do so, hence why I’m blogging about this decision. I think it’s important to normalise these types of decisions in case there is anyone out there reading this who is going through the same situation as me. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

I’m going to start this blog post off by explaining a little bit of background information about me (if you’re new) and the beginning of the situation. So, I was originally enrolled at Brunel University London studying Politics and Sociology. I was a first year undergraduate student and I was living on campus.

I would say for the last week before I dropped out I was struggling quite severely with my Mental Health. Being away from my family was always going to be a massive struggle for me but in the end, it just got too much. Equally, there were some other factors that enhanced this decision for me.

I wasn’t keen on the idea of doing a joint honours degree. I had made friends who were doing a single honours Politics degree and I was really envious of the modules they were studying that I couldn’t do due to the fact I was enrolled on a joint honours degree. For example, an introduction to american politics, comparative politics etc. I was actually quite jealous to be completely honest.

So I dropped out. There were more factors but that’s kind of personal so I won’t be talking about that. Instead, I’m going to be talking about my plans for the future. I want to go back to university. I’m not sure where that will be but it is definitely something I want to do.

Currently, there are two options that stand out to me the most. The first one is studying at Bangor University. My family are moving to North Wales very soon and Bangor is going to be the nearest university. It looks like a really good university so I’m going to be exploring that option soon.

My second option is actually enrolling at the Open University. This also looks like an option that could potentially work well for me as it’s all about distant learning. I will, of course, keep you all updated with what happens in the future.

I will also be going back to blogging much more regularly from now on so for those of you who have missed me, I’m back! I will be back to blogging once a week just so I can get used to blogging again. I will also be taking part in Blogmas so look out for that!

It’s really lovely to be back and I can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

Love Beth


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