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University Room Tour

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Today’s post is very exciting for me because it’s my university room tour. In addition, this is also going to kick start some upcoming university blog posts which I’m very excited for. At the time of writing, I have been at university for just under a week and it’s been the most chaotic and exciting experience of my life.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a first year politics and sociology student at Brunel University London. I am staying on halls on campus for first year and this is what my room looks like!

So, I have an en-suite room on campus and I’m in a flat with 6 other people, making 7 of us in total. Everyone is really nice which I am very happy about. Anyway, as you walk into my room, on the left is my bathroom and wardrobe. I don’t have a picture of inside my bathroom but it’s of a good size. There’s a toilet, sink and a shower which I’m happy about.

On the doors, I used some west end merchandise and some tickets to decorate it and add some character and I love the way it looks! It definitely reflects me and who I am!

Once you go past my wardrobe, you enter the main part of my bedroom. On the left are 3 sets of shelves which are of really good size. I also have a radiator, a set of acrylic drawers and airer from Argos and my wicker cabinet which keeps all of my makeup in. There’s a few items on my shelves so I shall list them down below!

So, starting from the top shelf, left to right, I have a box file from Tesco which keeps some important documents and other bits and pieces. I then keep an expandable file folder from Whsmiths which keeps important documents related to university but it allows me to carry them around with me in my backpack. I then have a gryffindor candle which is there for decoration purposes, my jewellery box, a box full of washi tape and a wicker basket with my books in.

On the middle shelf, I have my lever arch files. For more information on stationery, check out my University Stationery Haul blog post. I then have some heroes, some coke bottles, some tissues, my various travel mugs/water bottles and a basket full of my medication.

On the bottom shelf, I have some succulents, a picture of my cousin, pictures of my friends and family and then I have my beauty/skincare/hair area.

In the acrylic drawers, I have a lot of stationery which again, more information can be found in the blog post I linked above.

Next, we move onto my bed. I have a single bed but it’s actually very comfortable which I’m happy about. The accomodation already provided a mattress, duvet and pillow so I simply bought two more pillows and my own duvet cover and sheets. I also have some ornaments on my windowsill which I love the look of!

The duvet cover is from Asda and I love it so much! I also have a throw from Wilko, a cushion from Wilko and Toby Teddy who I have had since birth. I don’t always keep my bag down there but it just happened to be there at the time I took this photo. I got that bag from Amazon. I can’t remember exactly where my ornaments and plants on the windowsill are from unfortunately.

We then move over to my desk area. This is where I charge my phone and do all of my work. The accommodation came with a notice board which incidentally I have not used for notices but oh well. I then used command hooks to add my calendar.

You can see my laptop, my printer which is from Argos, my desk lamp which is from Dunelm and my fan which is also from Dunelm. I then have some pictures and cards pinned up on my notice board. I didn’t take the best photos but I also have a paper tray, some pen pots and my makeup mirror. These are on top of my chest of drawers which are next to my desk.

Finally, I have some more decoration next to my notice board to add some character to my room. You’ve probably noticed the copper/rose gold theme going on and I’m just obsessed with the way these look. I have two picture frame things from Avon and a clock which I think is from Wilko or Argos but I’m not 100% sure.

And that’s my university room! Thank you so much for reading and I shall see you next week for another blog post!

Love Beth


2 thoughts on “University Room Tour

  1. Making a rental feel like your own can be so hard but you have really managed to make this room your own! I love all the tickets on the door and I am glad that you are getting along with your flatmates. Good luck for the year ahead x

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