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5 Things That Annoy me About the Theatre

I consider myself a bit of a theatre enthusiast. I go as much as I can and I thoroughly enjoy the experience. It’s a chance to be invested in another world for a few hours and appreciate the absolute talent of some people within the arts industry. Regrettably, there are a few things that annoy me about the theatre and the experience.

Maybe I’m a bit of a theatre snob. Maybe I’m not. I do think though, however, that there’s etiquette one should follow when at the theatre. The industry itself is not perfect so today, I’m just essentially going to rant in 500 words and I hope you get some enjoyment out of it.

Talking During The Show

There’s two scenarios that come to mind when I think of this annoyance and why people do it. You’re either really invested or enjoying the show or you’ve stumbled across a show that really isn’t your thing. What I don’t understand though is why some people think in these scenarios that it’s okay to talk? Why do they turn to someone else in their party and immediately go on a rant about how bad the shows is? Why do they use that as an excuse to talk about something completely unrelated? And then you flip the coin. Why do people want to tell the whole grand circle about why this show is the best thing they’ve ever seen…

In the middle of Act 1.

Talking can be so distracting to some people and even to the actors on stage who are just trying to do their job. Save your conversations for the interval or the end of the show and let people watch the show in peace.

Using Mobile Phones During The Show

I honestly feel like this has become the number one taboo in annoyances at the theatre. That’s quite amazing considering how generic the statement above is. I mean, one could be filming the show, texting during the show, talking on the phone during the show, leaving their phone on during the show and having ringtones and message alerts play out across the theatre and more.

I’m honestly not quite sure which of the above annoys me the most. Similar to talking, all of the above are very distracting to other theatregoer who are simply there to enjoy the show and the actors who are putting on a show. You don’t need to message your friend 20 minutes into act two in the middle of the front row.

I can’t remember what show this happened at but I remember an actor tweeting about someone who was facetiming during the show so the person on the other end could also watch said show. I mean, why?

Rudeness to the Staff

I have been on a few job interviews for the role of front of house in a theatre and some of the stories I’ve heard make my stomach turn. The rudeness some people have to endure whilst they’re working at the theatre is awful. People getting rude because of seat location, understudies etc. It’s not rocket science to have common decency and respect to other people.

Equally, if you are annoyed about the same things as me, there’s still no excuse to take your frustration out on the staff who are trying to do their job.

Ticket Pricing

Why did I have to get into a hobby that’s so expensive? Some of the prices for tickets are absolutely extortionate. 9 times out of 10, I have to rely on discounted tickets for students or day seats or websites like TodayTix which offer lotteries or rush tickets for good prices.

I firmly believe we need to make theatre more accessible to everyone and anyone. We all deserve to witness some beautiful creations out there and that starts with making ticket prices more affordable for everyone.

Certain enthusiasts

Even though I consider myself a theatre enthusiast, there are certain people that really frustrate me. Ones that I can think of are people who frown upon those coming to a show because their favourite actor is appearing in it.

And I get it.

It is a little annoying when these people get upset because an understudy is on. However, I’m on about those that get annoyed seeing younger people at a play because a well known actor is in the show. I really like it when I see younger people going to the theatre because they are the future generation of actors, playwrights, stage crew etc. I don’t really care about how they got into theatre. Surely it’s good that these actors are encouraging young people to have a new hobby and appreciate some classic playwrights such as Shakespeare, Harold Pinter, Noel Coward etc.

I hope you enjoyed my rant about some things that annoy me about the theatre! Thank you for reading and I shall see you soon for another blog post!

Love Beth


3 thoughts on “5 Things That Annoy me About the Theatre

  1. I understand your point about talking during the show. It annoys me too… when I’m not the one doing it!! 🤣🤣 Almost every time I see a movie with my friend we make jokes and giggle the entire time. I think it’s fun when the theater audience reacts out loud to the show.


    1. Oh it definitely is but not at the point where it’s distracting! That’s the point I was trying to make. If people are laughing and talking or crying and talking, the I get it. It’s just blatant loudness that annoys me! X

      Liked by 1 person

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