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My Night Routine

Hi friends! Welcome to another blog post! As so many of you liked my morning routine blog post, I thought I would do a night routine post to follow! I have decided to go into more detail in this post compared to my morning routine so I hope you like that!

My night routine starts after dinner. A dinner is by far my favourite meal of the day. The minute I get up in the morning, I always ask my Mum the inevitable question…

“What are we having for dinner?”

After dinner, I will usually finish or start another task up until about 8pm when it’s bath or shower time.

On this particular night, I went for a good old bubble bath! Bubble baths are so indulgent and a great way to relax for a little while. If I really want to go all out, I’ll light a candle and listen to some music. It all depends on how I’m feeling on that night as to whether I want to go all out or keep things simplistic!

Sebamed Clear Face foam from March’s Unibox. The whole box was kindly gifted to me.

Whilst I’m in the bath, I will do the first part of the skincare I do at night. I use this cleansing foam from Sebamed which came in The Unibox and this just helps with combating spots. It feels really nice on the skin and I always make sure I use this every night.

I also do all of the usual bath stuff and I will sometimes wash my hair and shave if that needs to be done!

Once I’m out of the bath, it’s time for the next part of my skincare routine. I don’t do this every night but I recently received The last Unibox from this academic year which came with a mask. Of course, I had to give this mask a go!

BioMiracle Bubble Sheet Mask from June’s Unibox. This whole box was gifted to me. 

I was particularly excited for this mask as it’s a bubble sheet mask which I’ve never tried before. It felt absolutely incredible and I can confirm the bubbles definitely kicked into action! The instructions for this mask stated I had to leave this on for 20 minutes so I continued with the rest of my night routine while the mask did its thing!

The next part of my night routine is going through my Bullet Journal. This is the time of the day where I will fill in the year in pixels spread, my habit tracker, mood tracker, gratitude log etc. I will also plan the next day in my weekly spread at that time. I’m definitely a person that plans my day the night before!

Once that’s done, I will take 10 minutes of my night routine to journal about my day in my Bullet Journal. I talk about how I’m feeling, what happened that day and other thoughts and feelings on my mind.

Once the mask is off and done, I will move onto the next part of my night routine which includes moisturising my face and putting lip balm on my lips. I don’t know about you but I suffer terribly with dry lips so I have to put lip balm on regularly to keep them moisturised and hydrated!

After all of that is done, I will then look at my phone one more time before either reading a book or completing a puzzle in my mindfulness puzzle book!

What’s your night routine? I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!

Love Beth


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