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August Bullet Journal Setup

Hi friends! Welcome back to another blog post. It’s that time of the month again where we set up for another month in my Bullet Journal. This month is particularly exciting as it will be the first month in my brand new Bullet Journal!

That’s right folks; I have managed to complete another Bullet Journal. We say goodbye to my trusty Scribbles That Matter notebook and say hello to my new notebook from Stationery Island! I won’t go into too much detail as I’m planning on writing a blog post about migrating into my Bullet Journal sometime in August so look out for that!

This month’s theme is an abstract styled ocean theme. There aren’t many changes this month in terms of the spreads I’ve used and the composition of these spreads. However, I can already guarantee that will change in September when I move to university!

One long introduction later… without further ado, let’s get started!

Cover Page

As always, let’s start with the cover page! I’ve mentioned already that this month’s theme is an abstract ocean theme. I did something a little bit different, well two things actually, and used coloured pencils for the blue colours you can see. I did this because I wanted a more muted colour present throughout the month and I think the outcome is pretty good!

The second thing I did differently this time was add a black border. I really like the effect this gives. I think it gives the spread a sophisticated look and thus I’m really happy with the outcome!

Monthly Spread

Next, we have a monthly spread which is the typical calendar layout! I love a good calendar layout and I thought this would be perfect for this theme! The grid spaces for this calendar are the usual 5 by 5 which I like to go for. I also included my follower tracker at the side which makes a return from last month! It was really fascinating to look back at the end of the month and see how many followers I gained over the course of the month. Overall, I really like the way this turned out. I particularly like the border framing the calendar, as well as the addition of the abstract ocean at the bottom.


One of the things I really like about the Bullet Journal System is how changeable it is. You can customise it to suit your needs which is why I return to it every month. Equally, if you’re one that likes change, the Bullet Journal system will work well for you which is why you will see spreads like the trackers changing up every now and then.

I am tracking a few more habits this month which is why I’ve ditched the individual habit tracker for this month. Furthermore, I don’t think it would suit the overall vibe of the theme, hence why I’ve gone back to the overall habit tracker. I’m going to be using a patterned way of marking off the habits so make sure you check out my Instagram at the end of the month to see the outcome.

I have also gone back to the graph mood tracker for August. I used a colour mood tracker in July and even though it worked well, I have definitely decided a mood tracker is the way forward for me. Of course, I may try that previous layout in the future but for now, I am happy with this!

Sleep Tracker and Gratitude

Next up, we have two spreads that always make an appearance every month with next to no changes. It’s my sleep tracker and gratitude log. These spreads continue to serve me well and have done so since April, thus it makes sense to keep them going for this month. The eagle eye among you may notice the only significant change that’s appeared is I have merely swapped round the spreads. This is so the sleep tracker follows my other trackers straight away as opposed to the gratitude log being there.

Brain Dump

Of course, we always end these posts on a brief note. Finally, we have my usual double spread brain dump which I always make sure to have. Everything and anything goes there!

Thank you so much friends for reading! See you soon!


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