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What I Want to Achieve This Summer

Hello everyone. I don’t know about you but I love setting goals for myself. It’s a chance for me to strive to achieve something, to feel motivated and to feel proud of myself. This is what today’s blog post is about. I’m going to be talking about some goals I want to achieve this summer. I have five things in total so let’s get to it!

1) To get everything I need for university

As I am going to university in September, I of course need to get some bits and pieces for my journey. I am very nearly there with regards to items needed for my room in halls but I do need to get stationery still. I am of course saving the best shopping trip until last. I think I will be able to achieve this goal. Certainly before I get to uni on 15th September.

I am really excited for university and in particular, the stationery shopping I will be doing. I will be doing a stationery haul on my blog once I’ve got everything I need so look out for that over the next 2 months!

2) To reach 150 followers on my blog

Back in May 2019, I managed to reach 100 followers on this blog which I am still incredibly thankful for so thank you. I am now approaching 150 followers so I would love to be able to reach that. I first wanted to aim for 200 but I don’t think that’s realistic for me so I’ve settled for 150. I’m currently on 137 followers at the time of writing so I definitely think 150 is reachable.

It’s important to set realistic goals for you to achieve. You don’t want to overestimate what you can do otherwise you might end up feeling a little disappointed. Aim for goals that are within your reach and then you can feel proud of yourself afterwards!

3) To maintain blogging twice a week

Since the beginning of July (and during March), I  have been blogging twice a week and I have really enjoyed the experience of doing so. Unfortunately, once I’m at uni I don’t think that’s going to be logical. I know the workload is going to be pretty intense so once I’m at uni, I will be going back to blogging once a week. Between now and then however, I will of course be continuing with two blogs a week so I hope you enjoy that too before I need to get my head down for university!

4) To be in a better position regarding my mental health

I know this goal is a bit ambiguous but it makes sense for me. I still continue to struggle with my mental health and I still have really bad days. I want to be in a position where the good days outweigh those bad days significantly. Of course, it’s normal to have those moments but if I can be in a better frame of mind, especially with university approaching, then I will be very happy!

5) To lose a bit of weight

My weight is always something I’ve struggled with. I definitely want to have lost a bit of weight over the summer so I can be a bit more confident in myself which relates this goal to my mental health goal. I don’t have a particular weight goal in mind but even if I lose a few pounds over the summer, I’ll be happy! I just want to take it easy.

And there you have it! Here are the five goals I’m aiming to achieve in the summer! I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Love Beth


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