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Bullet Journal Spreads for Self-care

Hello everyone and welcome back to the final post of 5 Days of Bujo with Beth! Today’s post is going to be all about some different ideas I have for self-care and how you can incorporate these into your Bullet Journal!

I’ve found the concept of a Bullet Journal to be self-care within itself but there are some specific spreads you can have in your Bullet Journal that work really well for self-care and thus can lead to better mental health. I have 4 ideas in total so without further ado, let’s get started.

Mood Tracker

The first spread which I think is really good for self-care is a mood tracker. A mood tracker is where you document your mood for everyday over the course of a month. They can be set out in a variety of ways and I have shown two above: A graph and a colour mood tracker.

A graph tracker is really useful for those months where you just want to describe your mood for the day quickly and sufficiently. Furthermore, they’re also good to show a quick glance of your mood over the course of the month, as well as identify peaks and low points.

By contrast, a colour mood tracker is great when you want to invest a little bit of time into your tracker. As you can see from the example above, it’s an amazing layout which can be customised to fit in with your theme for the month if you do themes. I tend to do these layouts when I feel more motivated and I’m in a better mindset.

Mood Trackers are great for self-care as they allow you to identify patterns in your mood which you can then reflect on and look at your weekly spreads to see what might have caused this pattern. Equally, the colour mood trackers look very satisfying once they’re all filled in!

Sleep Tracker

The next spread which I think is really good for self-care is a sleep tracker. Sleep is very important for self-care so I think it’s really important to track this.

I posted two pictures of sleep trackers I’ve done in my Bullet Journal. As you can see, they are both the same layout but I really like this and it continues to work for me.

Having a sleep tracker in conjunction with a mood tracker works very well because it you can use it to identify patterns and correlations between your sleep and your mood. Equally, if you use a Bullet Journal to journal about your days, you can also relate the sleep tracker to that!

Gratitude Log

Gratitude logs are something I’ve done consistently for the past few months and it’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing. The grand scheme of it is to write about something you’re grateful for each day and quite often, it’s the smallest of things.

Doing this has allowed me to become more positive as a person and see the good in every tiny thing. I think this relates well to self-care overall as by being positive, you’re able to relax and enjoy life!

How am I feeling Spread

The final spread I think is good for self-care is a “How I’m Feeling” spread. The purpose of this spread is to essentially track your symptoms so it would be really good if you have mental health illnesses like I do.

I find it very important to keep track of your symptoms in order to identify patterns. I find again this links really well with the mood tracker and sleep tracker as you might be able to see some correlations between the amount of sleep you got, the mood you’re in and the symptoms and feelings you’re experiencing.

I also find having it set out as journal spread adds to the therapeutic nature of a Bullet Journal. Instead of just tracking it out as a graph, you can write it out in a little more detail which I like. For me personally, I find it really helpful to write out how I’m feeling.

These are all the spreads I use which I think are really useful for self-care. Of course, there are many more out there but these are the ones I’ve used that work well for me! See you soon!

Love Beth


6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Spreads for Self-care

  1. Ooooooo I really like the way you did your gratitude log. I like the way it looks better than when you just do a list form. I might need to try this in my bullet journal!

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