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GUEST POST: Bullet Journal Pages to Help you Stay Organised for University

I’ve had a bullet journal for over a year now – I think it’s been a year and a month if I remember correctly – and over that year I have tried and tested many different pages that help me to be organised for my life as a university student. 

If you don’t know me, hi I’m Sophie I write over on Sophie’s Spot, and I’ve just completed my second year as a university student. So when I say university can be stressful I’m not joking. But one thing that has helped me keep on track of everything has definitely been my bullet journal.

Though at some times throughout the last year I’ve used it less than others. In the end, I’ve found it far easier to use to help me stay organised than any other form of organisation. That’s why I’m here today to share with you some pages that you could use in your bullet journal to help university run as smoothly as it can go – well at least in terms of organisation.

Assignment/Exam pages

One of the main collection of pages that are helpful are the ones to track actual university work, such as assignments and exams. You could have pages that just have the module and the deadlines for each assignment and exam. I don’t know how it works on other courses but for astrophysics, we pretty much have one assignment, one exam and one class test for each module, so I’m able to set my pages up to match up to that. But for example, if your course is heavy assignment based then these pages can be set up to help that sort of set up. In the end, as I always say, you’re bullet journal is your own so use it as you feel best suits you.



You could also have pages that help you keep track of day to day plans, such as timetables and exam plans. These are helpful if you always have your bullet journal on you and need to check where you need to be or what you need to get done to stay on top and organised with everything university related or not.



Habit trackers are also a key component of any bullet journal. Some of the ones I see often – not just limited to student bullet journals – are sleep and water intake. But you could also include, exercise trackers, grade trackers (though less useful for those of use whos grade is nearly all based on one exam at the end). Really any kind of tracker for anything you want to track that might make you more productive. You could also have a money tracker, to keep on top of those student loans, part-time jobs and spendings on treating yourself for making it through another day of uni.



Pages for your routines is also an idea if that is something you like to have ‘set in stone’. Though really it doesn’t have to be completely set in stone since you can change it at any time. But if you like to have a list of things to tick off each morning or evening then setting aside a page to write down your routines then it could be a good idea. Having a routine at uni, even if you don’t stick to it every day, I’ve found has let me work at my full potential and get everything done without compromising my health.



The last few extra ideas I have for you are pages for your meal plans, or food shopping lists. This could even just be a section of your weekly spreads. I think I had a meal plan for each week in my bullet journal for a while, but I stopped when I didn’t have enough room due to putting other things on it instead.

So these are just a small set of ideas of which you could use in your bullet journal to help stay organised at university, or college or even school. You can also use some of them even if you’re not a student, so I hope everyone found something that sparked inspiration in them for their bullet journal.

Thank you, Beth, for letting me a part of this series! I can’t wait to read the rest of the posts from this week.

If you want to find more of my bullet journal posts you can over on Sophie’s Spot, but of course, read the rest of Beth’s first.


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Thank you so much to Sophie for this incredible post for 5 Days of Bujo With Beth! Don’t forget to check out her blog and see you all tomorrow!

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