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July Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post of 5 Days of Bujo With Beth! 5 Days of Bujo With Beth is a 5 day series on my post that will start today (Monday 1st) and end on Friday 5th. Each post will surround the topic of the wonderful world of Bullet Journals so I hope you all enjoy this series!

Today’s post is going to be my July Bullet Journal Setup and this month’s theme is balloons. I decided to go for balloons as July is actually my birthday month (9th July if you’re wondering) so I figured this would be the perfect theme! I went for a multi colour scheme this month which is actually the first time I’ve done this! In hindsight, I should have done this for June as it was Pride month but it’s better late than never!

I think this month’s theme is my favourite that I’ve done so far so without further ado, let’s get started!

Cover Page

July is the first month in a while that the cover page is over two spreads. I decided to go with this as I sometimes would end up with a spare page along the cover page and so I thought I would put it to good use this month!

I lettered out “It’s my birthday month” on the left side of the page with balloons at the top and I’m very pleased with the way this turned out. I particularly like the lettering I did for ‘birthday’. I used this bubble lettering type theme but I did the black outline off of the colour which gives it this float like affect. I just had to turn these letters into balloons and I really like the way it turned out! You’ve probably noticed there’s white paper at the top where the balloons are. I did this because I wasn’t a fan of the colours I had originally used for this page. Thankfully, I had only coloured this part of the page so I got some paper from another notebook and stuck it on top.

On the right side, I put a bunch of balloons together and then used a black pen to write July in the middle. I originally left it like that but then I decided to add some white accents using a white gel pen to make the letters stand out a bit more. I’m really glad I did this because I think it looks a lot better overall and it’s much easier to see July within the various colours used for the balloons. I then added 4 balloons around the sides of the page to create a border of some sort and then I added a mini calendar at the bottom to fill up the space there.

I am really pleased with the way my cover page turned out this month! It’s definitely something different to what I would normally do but I think it works out so well!

Monthly Spread

I am absolutely in love with the way my monthly spread turned out this month. I used the same bubble lettering from the quote on the cover page as it just fits in with this theme incredibly well. I then created a calendar and decided to go for 5×5 (technically 5×6 if you count the border at the top) as opposed to something a bit bigger.

Next, I  added a little box at the side which will be used for tracking my followers. I’m interested to see the growth that happens over a month so I don’t think this will be a monthly occurrence.

I then used the colours from this spread to create borders for the numbers on the calendar and to add colour to the title for my follower tracker box. I, of course, also added some more balloon doodles on this spread and I am extremely pleased with overall outcome!

Trackers (Habit, Mood, Sleep and Weight)

The next four spreads are of course my trackers for the month. In terms of what I’m tracking, this hasn’t changed at all. Equally, the layout of my sleep and weight trackers are also the same. It’s primarily the habit tracker and mood tracker that have changed in terms of the layout.

For my habit tracker, I of course stuck with the individual habit tracker layout as I really like that. However, I decided to add more things to track this month such as skincare, meditation and posting on my social media pages. I added the latter so I can be more accountable to posting more often. I changed the layout of the habits to mini calendars and yes, they were a pain to write out repeatedly. I then used the different colours to highlight the title, added bubble lettering and of course added balloons.

For my mood tracker, I decided to go back to the colour mood tracker as opposed to the graph layout I like to do. I felt I had to return to this because it will fit in with the theme much nicer and I’m ready to go back to this layout. I used five of the colours from this month to colour the mood key at the bottom and of course added a title and more doodles.

I’m going to skim over the sleep and weight tracker quickly as I have not made any changes to the basic layout. I’m continuing to track my sleep by documenting how many hours I get as this works really well for me and it’s just become something I’m accustomed to. As for my weight tracker, I’m simply making a note of my weight each week which is the exact same layout as for June. The only difference is I’m going to be weighing on a Monday instead of a Saturday. I decorated the pages in accordance with my them and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Gratitude Log and Quote Page

The gratitude log is of course making an appearance in this month’s setup once again. Ever since I added this spread back in April, I’ve become more positive as a person as I’m able to see the good in the smallest of things. I lettered gratitude in a calligraphy font and added balloons at the side to complete this spread. This layout always works well for me so I’m continuing to keep it this way.

I then added a quote alongside to fill the spare page alongside the gratitude log. I used that same bubble lettering as well as calligraphy to letter out this quote and I really like the outcome!

Brain Dump

The final spread I added is of course a brain dump spread. These are always so useful for me to have at the end of my monthly setup. I put lists in there, I plan next month’s spreads there and I also add video titles and others bits of information that are on my mind!

That’s everything for July! You may be wondering why I don’t have any journal spreads this month that I had for June and that’s because they didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the structure and so instead, I will be freely journaling after my weekly spreads. I think this will work much better for me as I can skip days where I don’t want to journal and dedicate more space to days that were perhaps more exciting.

Thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow for a very special guest post!

Love Beth


5 thoughts on “July Bullet Journal Setup

  1. I looove these pages! So colorful and fun! I’m toying with the idea of starting a bullet journal next year to track my reading… stocking up on ideas now just in case 🙂

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  2. This is like the cutest spread I’ve ever seen. I also think its cute you decided to celebrate the whole month for your birthday (I do this also haha)

    Liked by 1 person

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