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Pilot Pen Haul and Review #gifted

Disclaimer: Pilot Pen UK sent me these products for the purpose of promotion  on Instagram as well as a review on this blog. I have not been paid to say anything and thus all opinions are my own. 

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post. Today is a very exciting post for those of you who are enthusiasts of stationery like myself as I am doing a haul and a review of some products Pilot Pen UK sent me!

For those of you who don’t know, Pilot Pen are a Japanese stationery company best known for their pens. I have tried a few of their products before but I didn’t have a good feel of them as a whole so I feel very lucky to have received this package.

The products I will be talking about in this post are as follows:

  • Pilot Hi-tecpoint 0.5 and 0.7
  • Pilot V Ball Grip 0.5
  • Pilot V Ball 0.5 and 0.7
  • Pilot Frixon Ball Pens 0.7
  • Pilot G2 Pens 0.7
  • Pilot Frixon Fineliners
  • Pilot Frixon Highlighters
Swatches of all the pens I received from Pilot

Pilot V Pens

Pilot Hi-tecpoint 0.5 and 0.7

I have tried the Pilot V5 Hi-tecpoint before in Black and I was really impressed with the way it wrote. I was very lucky then to receive the V5 (0.5) in Blue slightly thicker nib (0.7) which is also in Blue. Once again, they were really lovely to write with. The ink is very opaque and it dries relatively quickly. However, the grip of the pen isn’t my favourite due to the way I hold my pen. Other than that, I really like these pens!

Pilot V5 Grip 0.5

I was really pleased with this V5 Grip pen. It’s essentially the same as the V5 Hi-tecpoint pen and another two pens I will be coming to next. However, this one has a slight edge because of the grip of the pen. It has a rubber grip which makes it so much more comfortable to write with which I really like! I got this in Blue but I think I’m going to have to get it in Black because I really like it!

Pilot V Ball 0.5 and 0.7

The final 2 pens in this little part are the V Ball 0.5 and 0.7 pen in Black. I have tried the 0.7 before which I really liked. I also prefer the grip on these pens compared to the Hi-tecpoint but I’m not sure why as they’re very similar which is strange. However, I always used to reach for the V5 Hi-tecpoint more because I prefer thinner nibs so it’s great to receive this pen in 0.5. Again, they write really nicely and I’m really impressed with them.

Pilot Frixon Ball Pens 0.7

The Pilot Frixon Ball Pens are probably the trademark product from Pilot. I had heard of these pens before I realised they were by Pilot. They are erasable pens due to the fact the ink disappears with friction. I got 5 colours of the Frixon Ball Pens (light green, red, blue, green and black) and one of the Frixon Clicker Pens in Orange. The pens are very nice to write with and I like the grip on them. They are also refillable as well which is really good. As for the erasable part, they all definitely work but in my opinion, some colours work better than others. Nevertheless, these are great if you continuously make mistakes…

Like me.

Pilot G2 Pens 0.7

Next, I received 6 colours of the Pilot G2 Pens in 0.7. These are gel ink pens and I got them in mint, gold, light blue, silver, blue and pink. My first impression of these pens was really good. The ink is very opaque and really smooth and the grip is also very comfortable. Another bonus as well is these pens are refillable which I really like! Overall, I really like these pens and I know I’m going to make good use of them!

Pilot Frixon Fine liners

Next, I received 5 of the Frixon Fine liners (pink, violet, blue, light blue, red and black). Like the ball pens, these are also erasable which is really fun to see. I know I will use these a lot in my Bullet Journal so I’m going to get a lot of use out of them! The erasable part also works very well. They are very consistent with each colour which is an absolute plus. My only criticism of these fine liners is the ink is quite sheer in some colours in comparison to the ball pens as an example. This is particularly noticeable in the Black Fine liner which is a little annoying as I feel that’s probably the one I will end up using the most, especially in my Bullet Journal. However, this is only a minor criticism and as I said, I know I will use these a lot!

Pilot Frixon Highlighters

Finally, I received 3 colours of the Pilot Frixon Highlighters. These are the Frixon Light so they are quite neon in colour which is really fun. The erasable part of these highlighters are very consistent and I just think these would work so well if you want to highlight through a textbook and then erase the highlighted sections once you finish with them. Therefore, I really like these and I just know they will come in so handy when I’m at university!

We have come to the end of this haul and review! Thank you so much to Pilot Pen UK for sending out these amazing bits of stationery. I can’t wait to use them more and I know some of them will end up becoming a statement part of my stationery collection.

Love Beth


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