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A Level Exams – 1 Year On

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another blog post. Today’s one is actually going to be a reflection of my A Level exams that I had a year ago in 2018. I haven’t looked back on my A Level exams since they happened so I figured now would be a really good time to do so.

Before I get started on the whole reflection part of the post, I’d like to start with a brief summary of my A Levels and the journey I’ve had as I imagine mine is not your usual journey. I originally started my A Levels back in September 2015. My A Levels then were English Language, Sociology and Maths. I took these up until March 2016 and then I had to drop out because of my Mental Health. I couldn’t cope with the demand of A Level Maths and it had a major impact on my grades with the other two A Levels.

As a result, I dropped out of all three A Levels with the intention to restart English Language and Sociology and take on a new A Level in September 2016. I chose History so the exams I will be reflecting on are those three. I had 8 exams over two weeks so without further ado, let’s get started!


Sociology was my favourite A Level subject. So much so I’m taking it as part of my degree for university in September. I had 3 exams in total for AQA Sociology with no coursework so my grades were purely reflected by my performance in my exams.

The first exam was on Education with Theory and Methods. I remember that exam going very well because the 30 mark question (the question with the most marks) was on my favourite topic and my most confident topic. I remember coming out of that exam and feeling really happy with how that went.

The next exam was “Topics in Sociology” and I answered questions on family and media. I can’t really remember much about that exam. I don’t think it was overly great but it wasn’t the worst exam either.

The third and final exam is the one that sticks in my head the most. This was on Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods. Firstly, the original paper got leaked so I had to sit the reserve paper. I remember everyone moaning because the original paper looked really good. Then, I ended up falling out with a friend moments before the exam and ended up crying down the phone to my Mum so that went well. However, I still think it went okay and I enjoyed answering the questions as I found crime and deviance such an interesting topic.

In the end, Sociology was the subject I came out with the best grade. It was the subject I enjoyed the most and I miss taking that subject at the moment. I can’t wait until University comes around and I can study it again!


Oh, History. The subject I had and still have a love hate relationship with. I really enjoy learning about History. Looking back at the major events that have happened and realising the consequences of those events and how that impacts future events is interesting. Writing about it in an essay… Not so interesting. I think the massive problem I had with history was having really bad teachers. I mean, I had 4 in total. What joy.

I had 3 exams for History as well as coursework. I’ll mention coursework briefly now as I want the main focus to be on the exams. My coursework was on the factors of Stalin getting into power and it was a long ass process. I don’t miss that at all.

Anyway, let’s get onto the 3 exams. The first exam was on Russia and that was all fine. I can’t remember much about the exam so it must have been pretty uneventful.

The second exam was on China and I remember that being okay as well. Again, I can’t remember much about the exam so it was pretty average I assume.

The final exam was on a very long topic title so let’s get that over with quickly, “Protest, agitation and Parliamentary Reform.” It’s essentially all to do with British Politics and it was very interesting. The exam went okay and I’m pretty sure the Suffragettes came up which was really good. I find that point of History utterly fascinating.

Overall, I was very much ecstatic when my History exams were done and dusted!

English Language

English Language was an interesting subject for me. I had a really awful first year teacher who to this day still reminds me of Michael Gove.

You’re welcome.

Before I settled on studying Politics and Sociology, I actually wanted to study Linguistics at University. I found English Language to be a very interesting subject. Learning about topics such as Language Change and Language and Gender were highlights of the A Level course. In the end though, I changed to Politics and then of course Politics and Sociology because I just find more topics of those subjects interesting.

I had 2 exams and coursework for English Language. The coursework for English Language was such a good bit of coursework because we could do it on anything we wanted. I did mine on comparing Twitter threads with Facebook Comments threads which was really absorbing and fun to write about.

The first exam was on all sorts of topics. We had to analyse a bit of text for the first question, then we had to write about a topical issue (to do with Language) in various modes such as a speech, blog post (HIIIIII) etc and then we had to compare and contrast a written bit of text and a spoken bit of text. Again I’m unsure on what exactly the texts were like but I think the exam went okay.

The final exam was on three topics, Language Change, Language in the Media and Child Language Acquisition. Once again, I can’t really remember how that exam went but I remember enjoying the the Language Change question for some reason.

Overall, the exams for English Language were pretty good. I really enjoyed the exams even though they were extremely long.

That’s the end of this post! It was really good to reflect back on this time from last year and I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!

Love Beth


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