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My Coming Out Story

I am bisexual.

I have known I’m bisexual for approximately 5 years.

I have been “officially out” as bisexual for nearly two years.

I “non officially” came out as bisexual in October 2014.

 Before I get started with my story, I just want to make people aware that my story does not contain any triggering moments. My story is a positive one and actually, looking at it deeply, is very uneventful. If you were worried about potentially seeing homophobic moments, I can assure you this will not happen.

However, I will be mentioning one incident that occurred in the news recently which I want to shed light on as I think it’s important.

You may be wondering why this post is happening now. June is actually pride month which happens to commemorate the Stonewall riots which occurred on 28th June 1969. It’s all about showing the progress we have made to becoming more accepted in the world. However, it’s also about raising awareness of how much still needs to be done before we have equality. This is more apparent now after the recent news of a *trigger warning* Lesbian couple being viciously assaulted in a homophobic attack in London. They were attacked by a gang of teenagers when they refused to kiss.

Homophobic attacks like these show just how important it is to keep raising awareness of the homophobia we still go through in this community. My heart goes out to Melania and Chris during this time. Chris said “I am not scared about being visibly queer. If anything, you should do it more.” And she’s right. Be proud of who you are.

This blog is a safe space for LGBT+ people.

My Story

I first realised I was bisexual when I was about 14 years old. I found myself having crushes on girls from a bunch of TV shows. At first I didn’t realise the crushes I were experiencing were ones of like “I fancy you” as opposed to something platonic I guess. As I got older though, I realised these were legitimate crushes and I soon realised I was bi.

I am going to be honest though. I have had moments where I’ve questioned my sexuality and thought that I may be gay. However, I have come to realise that I am definitely bisexual and I am comfortable with my sexuality and I am happy and content to be bi.

In October 2014, I was in a relationship for the first time with a girl and at first, I kept it a secret from everyone because I was not out as bi and I was unsure on how people would react. It scared me a little, you know. However, there soon came a point where my girlfriend at the time and I wanted to meet. We were in a long distance relationship and there was no way I could meet up with her without telling my parents. Therefore, I had to tell them.

Thankfully, they were completely and utterly accepting. They said they loved me no matter what my sexuality is and that honestly meant the world. My girlfriend and I met up in December 2014 and it was really good. I definitely have fond memories looking back at that meetup.

Soon, my closest friends at the time found out and of course I had to tell them. They were also really supportive which was amazing. I am very thankful my parents and closest friends were very supportive and accepting. I understand that’s not the same for everyone and my thoughts go out to anyone who didn’t have accepting parents or friends. I am with you and I accept you.

However, there soon came a point where I realised I hadn’t “officially come out.” I’d only told a select amount of people. The rest of my family didn’t know, some of my friends didn’t know and so I eventually decided to put a status on Facebook on National Coming Out Day in October 2017.

“As some of you may or may not know, I’m bisexual and I’m a very happy bisexual at the moment as it’s my day off college today lool. This doesn’t really change much about me if anything at all.” ~ A snippet from my status.

The support and acceptance from everyone on my Facebook status was really overwhelming. I had people who I hadn’t spoken to in years commenting words of encouragement on my Facebook which meant a lot to me.

I consider October 2017 as the month I “officially” came out. It was the month I told everyone I knew. Since then, I have been openly out to people I’ve met. I am comfortable.

I’d like to end this post with a little bit of advice on coming out. If you are reading this and you’re not out, you have my full support and I hope this helps or encourages you in some way.

1) Come out when you’re ready

2) Don’t have people forcing you to come out

3) Don’t come out if you don’t want to

4) Tell who you want to tell

5) Be proud. For I am proud of you. 

Love Beth


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