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May Unibox Unboxing

Disclaimer: The Unipocket was kindly gifted to me by “The Unibox” for the purpose of promotion of the company as a brand ambassador. I have not been paid to say anything and thus all opinions are my own.

Hello everyone! I was very lucky once again to receive May’s edition of “The Unibox.” Once again, I’m going to briefly explain “The Unibox” for those of you who are unaware of this subscription box.

“The Unibox” is a monthly subscription boxe (or a one off purchase box as well). Each edition has a different theme each month. Previous monthly themes have included “exambition”, “winter wonderland” and “get sh*t done” to name a few. Each of these editions have been curated towards university students but as I have mentioned in previous posts about The Unibox, you don’t need to be a university student to get a hold of these boxes and you will certainly enjoy them just as much! You can expect to receive stationery goodies, vegan snacks, skincare products and much more.

May’s theme is called “Summer Loading” which is a very exciting theme, especially considering the weather we’ve had in the UK recently! I’m very excited to get into talking about the items in this edition of  “The Unibox” so let’s get started!

Pukka Kit

RRP £9.95. Pukkaherbs.com. Instagram: @Pukkaherbs

The first item to talk about is a 7 day kit from Pukka. In this kit, you get 7 sachets of lemon, cardamon and whole leaf green tea and 14 supplements. This kit is designed to bring clarity and focus to your week so I am very excited to try this out! I always like it when “The Unibox” includes tea in their boxes because I am a huge fan of tea so this made me happy when I saw it!

Mapology Map

RRP £5. Mapologyguides.com. Instagram: @mapologyguides

The next item is a Mapology map from Mapology guides. This is something very different which I’m happy about. I’ve never seen anything like this not just in “The Unibox” but in my day to day life. The idea is to find different ways to empower people to embrace a unique approach to mindfulness, well-being and personal development. I am very excited to give this a read and see what it says!

Fruu Lip Balm

RRP £3. Fruuurskin.com. Instagram: @fruuurskin

Next, we have a lip balm from Fruuur Skin which is vegan and 100% biodegradable. I received the watermelon one in my box which smells absolutely amazing. I’ve been using it for a day now as I’m writing this and it works really well and it makes my lips feel really good. I suffer really badly with dry lips and so I’m hoping (and I have high hopes) it will be a good lip balm.

Weekly Planner

RRP £7.95

The next item is a gorgeous A5 Weekly Planner. I love the lettering at the top of the planner and the various parts of the planner. I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing how well this works for me.

Mug Cake

RRP £1.50. Bakedin.co.uk. Instagram: @bakedincakes 

The next item is a mug cake sachet from Bakedin. Thankfully, I have tried this out already and it tasted absolutely amazing. All you have to do is add butter and milk and it doesn’t take too long either which is good. I definitely want to get hold of this again because it was incredible.

Mylk Plus

RRP £2+. Instagram: @mylkplus

The final item is a nut juice from Mylk Plus. This is a vegan drink which is really good and I am very excited to try it out. It sounds like it will taste amazing but I’ll be sure to let you know on one of my social media apps!

Once again, I’m very pleased with the quality of this edition of “The Unibox.” Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon!

Love Beth


2 thoughts on “May Unibox Unboxing

  1. I don’t think I have heard of this box before, but these are some really handy products you’ve received! The tea, Weekly Planner and the Mug cake are my favorites! I have never had a mug cake before but it sounds really easy and tasty! Thank you for sharing, it was really informative! Do check my blog out as well, and I look forward to reading more of your work soon! Have a wonderful day/night! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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