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National Stationery Week Themed Q&A

Surprise! Hello everyone and welcome to an extra extra blog post for this week! You may or may not be aware that this week is national stationery week which is my kind of week! I’ll leave a link here to the official website so you can find out some more information about this amazing week!

To celebrate national stationery week, I thought I would do a Q&A surrounding the theme of studying, stationery and bullet journals. I asked for questions on my bujo instagram , my blog instagram and my twitter so make sure to follow me if you don’t want to miss out!

What’s your favourite calligraphy pen?

This is actually a very tough question because I love a lot of calligraphy pens! However, if I were to specifically pick one, it would have to be the Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pen because it’s the one I end up reaching for the most. The brush is a perfect mix between stiff and flexible so it’s great for beginners too.

How do you make your bujo look so good?

Well, thank you very much! I really appreciate this! I use a lot of Washi Tape, stickers, doodles and colours in order to add a little bit of sparkle to my spreads.

How much time do you spend doing a spread?

It honestly depends on what spread I’m doing. My monthly setup I do over a few days so it’s unsure to know how long it takes exactly. I would estimate it takes around an hour and a half though.

As for my weekly spreads, they take no longer than 20 minutes and then the filling in each day takes around 5 minutes give or take.

What do you think of fountain pens?

I think I used fountain pens when I was younger but it’s been a while and so I can’t really remember what they are like. It’s a piece of stationery I would love to try again one day though.

What do you think of flash cards and spaced repetition?

I used flash cards so much when I was doing my A Levels. I think they work really well and they specifically worked extremely well for me. I used them specifically for Sociology and History. I condensed my notes down from those subjects onto flashcards. However, I used my History flashcards a little differently and I used my notes to make essay plans onto the flashcards and this system worked out really well.

Where do you find inspiration for your Bullet Journal?

I find a lot of inspiration for my Bullet Journal through the people I follow on my bujo instagram as well as Pinterest and bullet journal you tubers.

Do you have any goals with regards to the future of your Bullet Journal?

Not really. As long as my Bullet Journal continues to serve its purpose for me, that’s all that matters. It’s currently doing that now and that makes me happy.

How long does it take you to fill up a notebook for your Bullet Journal?

It honestly depends on the notebook I’m using. My first notebook lasted me from February 2017 to July 2017, the second lasted from August 2017 to December 2017 (although I like to start a new journal at the beginning of the year. It could have lasted up until February 2018), the third (my Leuchtturn 1917) lasted from January 2018 to May 2018, the fourth (Dingbats) lasted from June 2018 to December 2018 (again it could have lasted longer) and my current notebook (Scribbles That Matter) will last me for a while yet.

What are your favourite online shops to buy stationery?

Amazon and Aliexpress are my go to places, especially Aliexpress.

What are your favourite brick and mortar shops to buy stationery?

Muji, Ryman, WHsmiths, Paperchase and even supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsburys!

What are your favourite brands of stationery?

There are so many! Uniball, Stabilo, Pentel, Pilot, Zebra, Stationery Island and Crayola.

What’s some good advice you wish you’d been given when you first started your bujo?

That it doesn’t have to be aesthetic, pretty and it doesn’t have to match everyone else’s. Your Bullet Journal should be for you, yourself and no one else. Don’t let someone dictate to you what you do with your Bullet Journal.

Thank you for sending in all of your questions and see you soon!

Love Beth


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