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My Latest Piercing

Hello my lovelies. Today, I’m back with a post about my latest piercing. It’s a piercing I’ve actually had done before but I desperately wanted it done again and so I thought I would talk about my experience of getting it done again, how it’s feeling at the moment and I’ll also be mentioning my past experience of getting it done and what the after care was like.

I firstly want to apologise for my lack of posting on my social media pages recently. I’ve kind of lost a bit of motivation with them if I’m honest but I’m hoping to get back on track from now on!

Anyway, enough of the excuses. Let’s get to it!

So, the piercing I got done is a Philtrum piercing, although its colloquial term is a medusa piercing. It counts, I’m pretty sure, as a lip piercing and I absolutely love it so much. As I mentioned before, I have had this piercing done before but I took it out in November of last year because of a job. I missed it so much until eventually I thought “sod this” and off I went to get it done!

I went to my usual piercer for this piercing and it cost me £20 to have it done which I think is pretty good. The process was really quick and easy. She cleaned the area, marked up where the needle was going to go through, used a clamp and pushed the needle through.

I would just like to mention now that I have quite a high pain threshold and so I didn’t find this to be too bad, even though it was going through scar tissue. If I were to give it a rating, it would be a five out of ten. In other words, pretty average pain wise. However, my eyes watered quite a bit during the process of getting this piercing and so my piercer had to give me some tissue because I looked like I was crying!

Now, I would also like to say that I find the jewellery being put through far worse than the actual piercing of the skin with the needle. I can sit there quite still and relaxed during the needle process but as soon as the jewellery goes through, I will probably end up wincing and that’s what happened to me when I got it done.

In terms of aftercare, immediately afterwards it felt very sore. My lip felt like it was throbbing constantly but I had a few cold drinks afterwards and that helped. I also took some ibuprofen because the swelling was quite bad (I’ll go into more detail about that soon) and then I cleaned it that night with salt water solution.

Now, I mentioned before about swelling. At the time I’m writing this, I got the piercing done yesterday. My lip was swollen yesterday and it did hurt but the swelling wasn’t excessive or anything. Today is a different story. I’ve woken up completely pain free from the piercing but my lip is about 3x its normal size. That is normal by the way and that’s why my piercer has put in a longer bar to accommodate for swelling. Once my piercing has fully healed, I shall go back and have the jewellery replaced.

So I mentioned I had this piercing before. I first got it done back in 2017 and had it for approximately 18 months. The only reason why I took it out was because of my job at the time. My experience of the healing process when I had this piercing before was extremely positive. It healed extremely quickly and it soon became my new favourite piercing. I had no problems with rejection, infections or anything within that nature. It was a dream piercing to have.

I really hope this piercing will be the same. I want to keep it in for as long as I can. I just hope jobs aren’t going to be too judgmental about them. I can only hope one day the piercings or tattoos one chooses to get doesn’t affect their chances of getting a job.

Love Beth


4 thoughts on “My Latest Piercing

  1. It suits you so well, and I really like reading about piercings, so I loved this post!

    If it helps with jobs, I currently work in publishing and I have a septum ring (and a rook and a daith, although I feel those are less ‘offensive’), and almost everyone in my office has a facial piercing, so there are jobs out there that will accept it.

    Good luck – I hope you’re able to keep it long term this time ❤

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    1. Thank you! That’s really good you’re in a job where it’s accepting! I think my last one in their defence was health and safety as opposed to we just don’t like piercings so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it in! X

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