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Shuffle Songs Tag Part 2

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I last did the Shuffle Songs Tag but I wanted to do a part 2 as more music has been released since then and I’ve added more songs to my phone so I thought it would be interesting to see how much it’s changed. Let’s get to it!

1) Of the Night – Bastille

When this song first came out in 2013, I was absolutely obsessed because it mashed up two of my favourite 90s Eurodance songs, (which I’m not sorry for liking) “The Rhythm of the Night” and “Rhythm is a dancer.” I adore Dan Smith’s voice and listening to it now as I type this blog post out is making me want to listen to every other song by Bastille.

2) bury a friend – Billie Ellish

I really like Billie Ellish’s new album and I was introduced to this thanks to this song being played on the radio. Its style of music is something I don’t listen to as often as others but I have grown to absolutely love this song and the style. It’s always getting stuck in my head and I find it very catchy.

3) The Show Must Go on – Queen

This song makes me go through so many different emotions. I know how ill Freddie was when he recorded this song but he completely nailed the vocals and it is so powerful. Equally, the message the song conveys about how Freddie continued to perform despite knowing his life was going to end soon due to his diagnosis is so, in a way, bittersweet. I feel so many emotions listening to this. What a classic.

4) Demons – Imagine Dragons

This is another song I have liked for quite a while. Imagine Dragons are another band I have grown to really like over the years and this song still holds up now. I find it really powerful and it’s a song I always like to belt out to when I fancy a good singalong.

5) Finale – Come From Away

I adore this musical SO much. It makes me very happy and the end song wraps up everything in such a gorgeous way. It includes the song from the beginning called “Welcome to the Rock” and listening to it now is bringing tears to my eyes. I’m going to have to write a review for this musical at some point because it brings me so much joy.

6) Arisen – Arksun

Arisen is a trance song and it is beautiful. Trance music is my parent’s favourite music genre and so I grew up listening to trance music all of the time on long car journeys. This song is 11 minutes long but it’s 11 minutes of absolute genius. The drop is absolutely chilling and so I adore this song.

7) 7 rings – Ariana Grande

This is another song I find myself constantly humming or singing without realising I’m doing so. It is very catchy and I really do like it.

8) How to Save a Life – The Fray

This song has become such a classic to me and it’s one I enjoy just as much as I did years ago. I don’t have much to say on this song but I really do like it.

9) 38 Planes (Reprise)/ Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere – Come From Away

Another brilliant song from this brilliant musical. It shows off the beautiful voice of the actress who plays Beverley and it gives me chills.

10) Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

I absolutely adore Green Day and I absolutely adore this amazing song. It makes me very happy and I love how long it is and how it feels like there are different songs within a song.

Thank you so much for reading and see you next week!

Love Beth


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