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Scribbles That Matter Notebook Review

Since the beginning of the year, I have been using a Scribbles That Matter iconic dot grid notebook in the colour grey. Their notebooks have become extremely popular which is why I wanted to give them a go. I feel I’ve gotten a good idea on how the notebook performs and so I thought I would do a review now. So, without further ado, let’s get to it! I have seen quite a few people recommend/using this particular notebook so I thought I would give it a go. I am very close to filling up this notebook so I thought I would take the time to sit down and write a review on this notebook!

About Scribbles That Matter

So, who are Scribbles That Matter? They are a brand of notebooks created by Faisal Durrani, who wanted to provide notebooks that are modern and functional whilst still having accessible prices. They are a vegan brand according to their website and use synthetic leather on their covers.

The dotted notebooks come two types: the iconic version and the pro version. Both of the notebooks are exactly the same. The only difference is the cover of the notebooks. The pro version is more simple whereas the iconic version has a lot of doodles embossed into the leather. Scribbles That Matter also offer other products but I will be talking strictly about the dotted notebook.

The notebooks also offer a variety of different colours, such as purple, navy blue, grey, teal, burgundy, lavender, mint, pastel pink and periwinkle blue. So, already, the colour options are something I find really positive about Scribbles That Matter.

Quality of the Notebook

The quality of the notebook is good. The cover feels extremely sturdy and the leather has a nice feel to it. I have noticed that the cover has a dent in where the elastic closure is but that doesn’t bother me at all. There are also a few marks on the leather but I relate that to something I’ve done as opposed to a fault of the notebook.  The binding has also remained the same since I’ve had it. There isn’t any loose pieces which can cause paper to fall out so that’s also something good to note.

The paper quality is also good. The paper is 100gsm in an ivory scolour. It’s very comparable to the Dingbats paper. Another thing to note is that the dots are noticeable but they’re not dark enough to be a distraction. This part is completely down to personal preference but for me, the dots are perfect.

In terms of the ghosting and the bleeding, Scribbles That Matter is good. There is some ghosting that I have noticed whilst I’ve been using this notebook, but it’s not overwhelmingly obvious and the bleeding is next to none. I can’t comment on how it handles watercolour as it’s something I’ve never used.

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of my Scribbles That Matter notebook. It’e been holding up considerably well since I got it so I’m a big fan.

Individual features of the Notebook

The Scribbles That Matter Notebook comes with an elastic closure (which is actually of a different colour to the cover which I like) as well as a pen holder which is the same colour as the elastic closure. The cover of my notebook is grey and it has various doodles embossed into the leather cover on the front and the back, as well as the brand of the notebook along the spine. It looks amazing and I really like it.

As you open up the notebook, the first page has space for you to write your name as well as the date you started your journal. As you move forward, there is a page to write your key, as well as 3 pages for an index. It then moves onto the dotted pages from there.

The Scribbles That Matter Notebook has 201 dotted pages and they are all numbered which is something I really like and something I missed when I had my last journal.

The notebook also has two ribbon bookmarks in two different colours (mine are grey and yellow) and for me personally, I much prefer having two bookmarks so I highly appreciate this.

As you get to the end of the notebook, there is a pen test page which I find very handy and then the end page is called mindfulness. It’s a self reflecting page which encourages you to flip through your journal and answer questions such as “What have you learned?” and “How have you grown?”

The end of the notebook includes an expandable pocket with more doodles that are the same as the doodles on the cover.

Overall, I really do like this notebook. I’m a huge fan of the different features it has to offer and I will miss it when I move onto my new notebook but I will definitely be purchasing it again!

Love Beth


9 thoughts on “Scribbles That Matter Notebook Review

  1. I love all the doodles on the cover, it’s something different that I haven’t seen before! I love a good quality notebook too, I’m looking to get into bullet journaling and this seems like a good notebook for that, with its dotted pages and pen test page.

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