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April Bullet Journal Setup

Hi guys! Today’s Blog Post is my April Bullet Journal Setup which I can’t wait to share with you! This month, the chosen theme is Lavender, with lots of purple shades throughout the spreads. We also have a few changes to the spreads this month so it’s all very exciting!

Cover Page

I am obsessed with the cover page for April. I absolutely love the quote against the simple lettered April and I really do believe in the quote. I think everything works really well and I love the washi tape I selected!

Monthly Spread

I decided to go for something different for my monthly spread this time. I found the calendar layout a little repetitive so I decided to switch things up this month.  I wanted to switch the vertical spread vibe up a little and I’ve also gone for like a timeline style vibe as well. I can’t wait to see how this turns out at the end of the month!


I’ve also tried something a little bit different for the trackers this month, more specifically the habit tracker. I still have the individual habit tracker but I decided to change the layout a little bit. It was a pain setting up the spread but I think it will look really good at the end of the month. As for the mood tracker, I of course went for a doodle style spread that I really enjoy using. I then finished it off with more washi tape and I think it looks really good.

Gratitude Log and Sleep Tracker

Here, we have a gratitude log and a sleep tracker. The gratitude log is a different interpretation of my march memories spread from last year. I am very excited to use this as I mentioned in my March Bullet Journal Flipthrough that the March memories limited me with talking about my day and so I’m excited to talk about things in detail I’m grateful for. The sleep tracker is new for me this month. I’m trying to fix my sleeping pattern and sleep for 8 hours a night and so I thought a sleep tracker would be highly beneficial for me.

Brain Dump

As always, a brain dump is needed for each month. I’m tempted to expand this spread into two double page spreads. My March Brain Dump spread was extremely crowded and full. If the same thing happens in April, this is something I will do in May.

Overall, I am very happy with how April turned out. What’s your favourite spread? Feel free to leave your comments below! See you next week!

Love Beth


12 thoughts on “April Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Wow, your bullet journal looks beautiful. I wish I could get into it but I am really not that artistic. Setting up a bullet journal spread looks like it is very therapeutic!

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    1. Thank you so much! You honestly don’t need to be artistic to bullet journal. Some of the most beautiful spreads I’ve seen have been extremely minimalistic. I’ve been thinking of doing a blog about this as it’s something I get quite a lot and I’d love to introduce more people to a bullet journal!


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