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March Bullet Journal Flipthrough

Hi guys! Welcome back to another Bullet Journal flipthrough, this time for the month of March. March was overall a great month for me in terms of my Bullet Journal. Most of the spreads worked really well for me so let’s get started in showing you all.

Cover Page

I am absolutely in love with the cover page for March. The various colours that evolved from this spread worked really well for me and I love the overall composition of the spread. A good start to March!

Monthly Spread

I really liked the look of this spread and overall, it worked well for me… when I used it. You see, I totally forgot about it most of the time. I’m not sure why I forgot about this spread if I’m honest. I think I relied more on my future log which is a first for me. I will definitely be making more of an effort to use the spread in April.

Blog Post Schedule

I used this throughout the month to reference my schedule for my blog posts. It wasn’t added to much throughout the month but it did succeed in what it was meant to do, especially as I was doing two blog posts a week in March.


The trackers worked really well for me in March. The mood tracker I really liked and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. The Habit tracker also worked really well but I was lacking with my habits this month so again, I will be focusing on that in April.

Memories Spread

I really liked the way this spread turned out and it was fun to fill it out everyday. However, I preferred it when I could explain things more thoroughly so this spread has changed for April.

Brain Dump

I used my Brain Dump a lot this month as you can tell. I always have a brain dump each month and I wouldn’t be without it every month.

Weekly Spreads

As always, I have really liked the weekly spreads this month. As you can see, the very first one is a bit bare. I was in London that weekend so I wasn’t really focused on my Bullet Journal. However, from then onwards I am very pleased with the way the spreads turned out. I even had a London spread which I absolutely adore.

And that’s all for now! Thank you for reading.

Love Beth


11 thoughts on “March Bullet Journal Flipthrough

  1. Your bullet journal is so beautiful! I used to have very in depth spreads when I was in college, but since getting out, I’ve had my hands so full, that I’ve gone for a more minimalist look. Even then, I never learned how to do brush lettering, even though I would love to learn. Great spread! You made amazing use out of all the spreads you use xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  2. Lovely pages. My bujo started out with multiple layouts. But I found that I didn’t get the time to fill everything in, and there was a lot of empty space. Now I have trimmed it right back to a monthly calendar page, with daily notes if I have something to write, & project pages in between.

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