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March Unibox Unboxing

Disclaimer: The Unibox was kindly gifted to me for the purpose of promotion of the company. I have not been paid to say anything and all opinions are my own.

Hello everyone! It’s towards the end of the month of March which means it’s time for a blog post about The Unibox. If you don’t know what The Unibox is, please check out my very first blog post on this back from November. To explain it briefly, The Unibox is a monthly subscription box tailored to mostly university students (anyone can get it though! I mean, I’m not at university yet) and it includes things such as vegan snacks, stationery, skincare, treats and more. It’s essentially like treating yourself each month, which I like.

March’s Unibox theme is called “exambition” and I have to say this is by far my favourite Unibox I’ve ever received. I’m so excited to discuss the things I received so let’s get to it!

Voting Counts

One of the first things in the March Unibox is information on a website called Voting Counts, which provides impartial information to help you make a decision when you’re voting. I am very passionate about Politics (I’m taking it as a degree in September) and understand how crucial it is for young people to vote. We are the future generation so it’s important to raise awareness and I’m glad The Unibox is doing that.

“You are a Badass” Book

The next thing you get in the “Exambition” Unibox is a book by Jen Sincero called “You are a badass” which is a book about helping you to change beliefs and behaviours which may hinder from you having a positive life. I’m really excited to read this after I finish my current book I’m reading and I think this is a fantastic edition to the Unibox.

Oxford Generation Notebook and Revision Cards

I have collected quite a few notebooks from Oxford Generation because of the amazing quality and how smooth the paper is. I’m ecstatic March’s Unibox comes with another notebook to add to my collection as well as some revision cards which will come in handy when I’m at university! Both the revision cards and the notebook come with the Scribzee Technology, which means you can scan your notes onto your phone.

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter

Stabilo highlighters are one of my favourite highlighters and so I’m really happy about the fact one was included in the March Unibox. I got the colour mint green but I’m pretty sure there are other colours in other people’s boxes.

Etude House Korean Mask – Lotus

I absolutely adore sheet masks and so I’m really happy one is included. They feel amazing and so I’m excited to use this one evening.

Sebamed Clear Face

There is also a cleansing foam included in March’s Unibox. At the time of writing, I’ve been using this for 3 days and I’ve already noticed a difference which is really good. I have acne prone skin so I’m hoping this will help out with that.

Boundless Tamari and Aleppo Seeds

As always, there are some vegan snacks included and the first snack is from a company called Boundless. These are some nuts and seeds which have been soaked and so I am very excited to try these.

Livia’s Nugglets – Cookie Dough

These were included back in November or December’s Unibox and they tasted AMAZING so I am really pleased they are back again. They are vegan as well which is amazing.

Overall, I am very pleased with the things included in March’s Unibox. Thank you to the lovely people at the Unibox for sending this box over. I am very grateful!


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