2019 · Bullet Journal

February Bullet Journal Flipthrough

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. It’s the end of February which means it’s time for a February Bullet Journal flipthrough. February was a hit and miss in terms of my Bullet Journal. I started out with a style and ended up completely ditching that. Oops. Anyway, let’s get into the pros and cons of each spread for the month of February!

Cover Page

I really like the look of February’s cover page. I like the composition of the pages and the various colours throughout the spread. However, this style of Bullet journaling isn’t for me. I found it quite annoying to use and using a bullet journal shouldn’t be like that. I’m not too keen on having the calendar and vertical spread combined. It looks pretty but it didn’t work.

Monthly spread

I would like to point out quickly that I did use the habit trackers this month. The editing of the picture means you can’t see it but I promise I did use it.

The habit tracker worked out fine for me this month. I used the individual habit tracker spread which works extremely well for me. Of course, the trackers are not completely filled out which means I will be continuing with these habits in March.

I neglected my mood tracker in February towards the end as you can see. There was nothing wrong with the actual tracker itself. I just didn’t have the motivation to fill it out. I’m tempted to take the mood tracker out for a while if I don’t fill it out properly in March.

Blog Plan

The blog plan spread worked out well for me at the start. However, I didn’t use it towards the end which is why it didn’t make an appearance in my March setup. I don’t plan my blog posts that often so it’s not really needed.

Brain Dump

The brain dump spread worked really well for me as always. There’s not much to say apart from the fact it was fine.

Weekly Spreads

As you can see, the style of my spreads changed throughout the course of the month. The start of the month was a scrapbook style and then I moved back into my old style of spreads from January because it worked out really well for me. The vertical spreads are my favourite as always but I also tried out a box spread which I really liked.

And these are my spreads that I had in February! Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Love Beth


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