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Revolution Haul

Revolution is one of my all time favourite makeup brands. They offer high quality makeup that’s cruelty free and vegan, all at an affordable price. I have collected a few products over the years and I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings on each product.

I would like to point out that some products have been discontinued and some of the products are from companies owned by Revolution that don’t exist anymore, such as Freedom. Regardless, I wanted to share these anyway because I thoroughly enjoy them and I’m pretty sure there are alternatives through the current companies. Let’s get to it!

Miscellaneous Products

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer C3 – £4

This is my all time favourite concealer. I love the coverage of this and I find it doesn’t look cakey on my skin. I also really love the size of the applicator and how it applies the product. The product blends easily with my finger or a beauty blender and it also sits nicely on top of my foundation or on my skin when I’m putting on less makeup for the day. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the product is quite small. It doesn’t last that long but I do know there is a supersize version which is £7 so I will definitely be purchasing that next.

Freedom Eyebrow Pomade Dark Brown – £1.50 on the Revolution Beauty Website (I think it’s being discontinued)

Eyebrow Pomades are my favourite type of brow products. I find them super easy to use and the Freedom one is amazing to use. I would highly recommend it.  If it’s not on the website at the time in which you’re reading this, Revolution and Obsession (Obsession is owned by Revolution) both have eyebrow pomades for £5-6 and other people have said they are more or less the same and perform just as well so I would highly recommend them, especially if your favourite brow product is an eyebrow pomade.

Revolution Renaissance Flick – £5

This is currently my favourite liquid eyeliner.I love how skinny the felt tip is which makes it super easy to get a precise wing. I’m not the best at eyeliner so if I find this easy to use, then I imagine those who can do eyeliner with such precision and good quality would probably love this product as much as I do.

Face Products

Revolution Pro Supreme Highlight Ice – £6

One of my favourite things about this product is the design of the highlighters. It almost looks like liquid metal which I adore. However, this product is also amazing quality. The highlighters feel extremely soft and smooth and they are super pigmented. I don’t use the blue and pink shades as much but the gold one is beautiful. I feel like you won’t like this highlighter palette as much if you prefer a more natural glow as like I mentioned before, these are insanely pigmented but they are definitely worth a go.

Revolution Ultra Bush Palette Golden Sugar – £6

The shades in this palette are super pigmented. I use this palette for my highlighter and my bronzer, which is slightly ironic as this is a blush palette. I love the design once again of the various shades. They almost look like marble. I don’t use this palette as often anymore but it still holds a place dear to my heart.

Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette – £8

Soph’s collaborations with Revolution are some of my favourite products from Revolution and her highlighter palette is no exception. I love the vast array of shades and how aesthetically pleasing the palette looks. Once again, the highlighters in this palette are extremely pigmented. My favourite shade is the top right one. It’s perfect for my skin tone, it’s pigmented but it’s also suitable for everyday makeup.

Revolution HD Pro Powder Contour Fair – £8 (now £2.40 on Revolution Beauty website)

I use this palette on a daily basis when I’m wearing makeup. I always like to use the bottom left shade for my contour. I think it’s the perfect shade for me and I love how cool toned it is. Perfect for me! Other common shades I use are the top right shade and the 2nd bottom left shade mixed together as bronzer. I also occasionally use the highlighter in this palette as well. What I love about this palette is the shades are not too pigmented to the point it looks like a line on my face. The formula is buildable and easy to blend which I prefer for contour and bronzer.

Eyeshadow Palettes

I heart Revolution I heart Chocolate Death by Chocolate – £9

This was my first eyeshadow palette that I bought from Revolution and thus it holds a dear place in my heart. I love the smell of this (it smells like chocolate) but the shades are also very pigmented, especially the shimmer shades! I used to use this a lot when I was in college as my so called everyday look but I’m drawn to other eyeshadow palettes more nowadays. However, as I mentioned before, this is a special palette for me.

Revolution Redemption Palette Hot Smoked – Not available anymore

I looked on the Revolution Beauty Website for this palette and I can’t find it on there so I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued. I haven’t used this palette that much if I’m honest. The main reason I bought it was for London Pride. I was drawn to the blue and purple shimmers in this palette so I could create a bisexual flag look on my eyes. The look was really nice and the eyeshadows performed well. However, the rest of the colours aren’t really for me as I prefer warmed toned colours on my eyes. If you like the look of this eyeshadow palette, the Revolution Day to Night and Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns palettes are similar to this and they are both £4.

Revolution Reloaded Palette Newtrals 2 – £4

I bought this palette along with the Hot Smoked Palette to complete my bisexual eye look for London Pride. However, I find myself using this palette all the time because of how beautiful the colours are! Both matte and shimmer shades perform well and I can’t get over the fact this palette is only £4. I highly recommend this palette, especially if you’re a warm tone lover like myself. I urgently need to get my hands on the other Reloaded palettes as they all look beautiful.

Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Flawless – £8

I used to use this palette all the time when I first bought it. However,as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m more of a warm tone person when it comes to my eyeshadows and this palette doesn’t offer that. Having said that, the quality is fantastic and you get 32 eyeshadows for £8 which is fantastic. I think I will use this more often now that I’m sat here writing this because the palette is of good quality and it’s nice to mix things up now and then.

Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette – £10

This is my one of two favourite eyeshadow palettes from Revolution. Why? Because I love how versatile the shades are. You have a matte white and a matte black and some beautiful warm toned and cool toned shades in the middle, both shimmer and matte. I think Soph did an excellent job in picking the shades for this palette and I’m so glad I own it. I took it with me on holiday last year as my so called travel palette and it performed so well, plus the big mirror was extremely helpful. The shadows are so pigmented and I love the fact there are quite a few shimmers to play around with. A big thumbs up from me.

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice – £10

The Extra Spice Palette, Soph’s 2nd palette with Revolution, is the other firm favourite of mine. What I like about this palette is it feels like my personal favourite shades from the original palette are all in this palette. I love the fact the names are on the palette as opposed to the plastic sheet on the original (which I’ve now lost) and the shades are so blooming pigmented. The shimmer shades feel so soft and they’re so easy to work with.  If you like your bold eyeshadow looks, you’ll absolutely adore this palette. That’s not to say if you don’t you won’t like this palette because you can create some lovely toned down looks.

Lip Products

The lip products you can see from left to right are the Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick in the shade Tyrant which is £5 (on sale at the time of the writing on the Revolution Beauty Website for £2.50) and the Revolution Soph Nude Lipstick in cake and fudge which are £4 each.

All three of these lipsticks are my favourites for different reasons. The pro supreme lipstick is the perfect matte nude lipstick with a gorgeous formula that doesn’t look dry on my lips. It’s pigmented and looks lovely on my lips. The Revolution Soph Nude Lipsticks are a satin finish but they go on so creamy and they feel so comfortable on my lips. I slightly prefer cake to fudge as I feel like it’s the definition of a my lips but better colour. However, both are absolutely stunning.

We made it to the end everyone! These are all of the products I own from Revolution. What products do you own from Revolution? Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Beth


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  1. I am so sad the Freedom brow pomade has been discontinued! I have just got into mine again but it has totally dried out so I was going to get myself a new one. I’ll just have to get the Revolution one instead!xo

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