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Unipocket February Haul 2019

Disclaimer: The product I will be discussing in this blog post has been kindly gifted. All opinions are my own and I am not being paid to say anything.

A new month means a new blog post about the Unipocket! February’s theme is all about unicorns which I am LOVING. Here, I will be looking at the items I received in the Unipocket this month and discussing my thoughts on them. I hope you enjoy!

The first item are some Chilli and Honey cashews which sound absolutely yummy. Again, it’s always good to see a company catering for everyone in regards to the snacks they include in the Unibox/unipocket. This means that anyone can enjoy the snacks they receive in the pocket and I love that.

I was honestly ecstatic when I saw this in the Unipocket. It reminds me of being in primary and secondary school and using these to decorate my notes. I can’t wait to use this more when I start university in September but I’m sure I’ll start to use it in my Bullet journal!

I feel like the Unipocket really catered to my stationery heart because there’s a sticker! I’ve made use of this on an item I’ll get to later in the post but I am more than happy.

Can we talk about how close to the theme the items are in the Unipocket this month? I absolutely loved the Tea Tree sheet mask in January and I’m so glad there’s another mask for February with tea tree. Happy beth!

Once again, we have another snack which is catered to everyone. I love fizzy sweets and these sound amazing so I can’t wait to try them!

Finally, we have a plain notebook which looks incredible. The quality feels amazing and I love how minimal it is. This is where I stuck the sticker (at the back) and I can’t wait to add this notebook to my collection!

Overall, I am once again really happy with everything in the Unipocket. Thank you to the Unipocket for sending me this. I am very happy!

Love Beth


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