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London – 09/02/2019

On 9th Feb 2019, I went to London to be reunited with my internet friend and theatre buddy Laura to watch Pinter 7, a production consisting of two one act plays written by Harold Pinter. I took a bunch of pictures on that day and so I thought I would write a blog post talking about my day.

The alarm went off at 7am. I immediately got out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast and a cup of tea. I was excited but also nervous. I hadn’t been to London in 5 months and I hadn’t seen Laura in 11 months which was way too long in my book.

Unfortunately, typical southern rail had engineering works which meant rail replacement buses were scheduled. I’ve never been on rail replacement buses mainly because I try to avoid them like the plague. However, I had to use them on this particular day and thankfully it wasn’t too bad.

After getting the rail replacement bus to Three Bridges, I got a direct train to London Victoria.

The view of the Thames as you go over the bridge into Victoria train station is beautiful. I always take a picture of it every time I go up to London because of how stunning it is.

As soon as I arrived in Victoria, I got on the tube straight away to Kings Cross St Pancras to meet up with Laura.

 I headed outside and took pictures of St Pancras and Kings Cross because I think they are gorgeous stations to take pictures of. It felt like I was truly in London.

Soon, my friend Laura arrived and we headed to her student accommodation. She has the most amazing view of London from her window and so I naturally had to take a picture. I love how you can see the Shard and the various buildings in the foreground look really aesthetically pleasing. I would be pleased if this was my view to wake up to every morning.

We then headed to Mcdonalds before getting a tube to Leicester Square so we could pick up the tickets from the box office and go for a little walk. We walked through Leicester Square and then sat in the middle of it just talking about life. It was good to have a catch-up. We also went to Muji so I could stock up.

It was then almost time for the show to start and we headed to the Harold Pinter Theatre.

As you can see, this theatre is visually stunning. I had to take pictures of the outside as well as the auditorium. We had front row seats which is always an amazing experience.

I won’t be giving a review of Pinter Seven in this blog. That will be a separate blog post in the near distant future. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it and you will find out why in that review.

Once the show was over, we headed to Covent Garden for a coffee and a little explore. We went to Covent Garden market which was fabulous.

Overall, I had the best time in London and I can’t wait to be back next month!

Love Beth


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