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February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

Well, this is very different. A new style, a new theme, a new month. How exciting!

Welcome to my February Bullet Journal Setup. It’s that time of the month where I discuss the various spreads I’ve set up for the month and as you can tell, it’s looking a little different.

And you may be wondering why I’ve come to this decision. If you’re not wondering, then please skip this paragraph. Anyway, I have always loved the look of the bullet journals on the instagram accounts @coldbujo and @maryberrystudio and so I decided to follow their style a little bit.

The theme I’ve gone for is love and flowers (hello valentine’s day) and overall, I’m absolutely obsessed with the outcome of each spread. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Monthly Spread

Here is my monthly spread for February. I am absolutely obsessed with it and the overall composition.

I used some pictures from Flickr (I think, I can’t really remember to be honest) as well as a sticker from MoonLume, washi tape from Amazon and Poundland and dual brush pens from Stationery Island. I think the overall outcome of it is really lovely.

I decided to go for a really small monthly calendar on the left so I can get a visual idea of the month and then I’ve got my important dates on the right. I also used a pink Zebra Mildliner to highlight the dates I have an event on at the bottom of the squares within the calendar and I think this is going to work really well for me!

Trackers of the Month

Habit Tracker

This month, I decided to go back to the individual habit tracker. You’ll see in my January Bullet Journal Flipthrough coming on Wednesday that I started to lose momentum with my habit tracker and so I’ve gone back to the individual layout instead. I’ll explain more in that blog post though.

I also decided to track less habits this month and focus on the ones that will have a good impact on my day as well as the ones I want to make sure I fulfil on a daily basis. Once I’m in a position where I fill out these particular habits every single day, I will take them out and replace them with another habit.

Mood Tracker

Even though I had no trouble filling out my mood tracker in January, I wanted to switch things up so it doesn’t get too repetitive and so I decided to go for a “creative” mood tracker. I really like the look of this and I’m excited to fill this out throughout February.

I used the same washi tape from my monthly spread on this tracker spread as well as a Tombow Dual Brush Pen in Black. I also used more pictures that I printed out to create the collage scrapbook vibe I’ve got going on this month. I’m obsessed, let me tell you.

Blog Plan

There’s really not much to say on my blog plan spread. I use it to plan out my blogs for the month (I’m using it now to plan this post aha aha) and it gives me a space to brainstorm some ideas for my posts. I used a double page as opposed to a single page as I ran out of room in January on just one page extremely quickly and I don’t want to make that same mistake in February. I used the same pictures, washi tape from poundland and a stationery island dual brush pen!

Brain Dump Spread

Finally, here is my brain dump spread which I use to dump the contents of my brain on. Again, I’m using two pages as one page wasn’t enough in January. Once again, I used the same material to create the header!

And that, my friends, is the end of this blog post. I hope you all love the spreads of this month and I can’t wait to try out something different!

Love Beth


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