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Unipocket January Haul 2019

unipocket january haul 2019Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Another year equals another time working with the lovely folks over at the unibox. They have released a brand new product called the unipocket which is exactly the same as the unibox but it’s more compact and cheaper. If you’re on a budget and you’re still wanting to indulge yourself every month, this would be the perfect product for you.

January’s edition is called “Get Sh*t done” and here are the products you get!Can we please talk about this gorgeous quote you get? I absolutely love it and I find it so true!Here we have a to do list pad with a title of “get sh*t done” in this gorgeous lettering. I love the design as it reminds me of the two minute rule in studying. If you haven’t heard about the two minute rule, you have to study for two minutes and if you thought that went fine, you can continue for a longer period of time. If you struggled, you do another two minutes and so on.

With this layout, it allows you to focus on 3 tasks that are extremely important and if you’re on a roll, you can add some other tasks that need doing. I really like it!Next, we have some green tea which is always a good thing to have. I can’t wait to try this out one morning during breakfast and I’ll be sure to let you know my verdict!!We’re keeping the green tea theme going with this green tea face mask. It’s actually a sheet mask which I am so excited to use. Again, I’ll be sure to let you know my verdict!We have these chocolate and salted caramel roasted peas which admittedly I’ve already eaten and they were AMAZING! One of my favourite things about the Unibox is the fact that all of their snacks and drinks (as in tea) are vegan, cruelty free and I think gluten free as well so anyone can have them. I love how they cater to everyone and anyone and that’s amazing.Can we please talk about these pencils? The saying on them. Yes please. As a stationery addict, I absolutely love sticky notes and I LOVE these ones by oxford generation. They feel really good quality just like their notebooks and I’m pretty sure these sticky notes can be scanned via the SCRIBZEE app like the notebooks which is amazing!

Overall, I’m really happy with the products in the January unipocket. Thank you to the Unibox for sending it out! Roll on next month!

Love Beth


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