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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is about (as you can probably guess by the title) 10 things I can’t live without. I realise this is quite a generic blog post but I’m in a sort of writer’s block at the moment. Oops. Anyway, let’s get to it!

1) My Laptop

It’s quite simple. Without my Laptop, I wouldn’t be sat here typing this out. I use my Laptop for so many things, such as replying to emails, watching Netflix and YouTube, planning out blog posts, research and more. I love it.

2) My Phone

Considering I spend about 99.9% of my life on my phone, it would be silly not to include it on this list. I take pictures on my phone, I play games on my phone and I use social media on my phone.

3) Portable Charger

About 4 or 5 years ago, I used to go to London without any form of charger and it would be guaranteed that my phone would die on the train journey back. Having a portable charger is such a necessity for trips to London and long days out without access to a plug socket.

4) Concealer

If there’s one makeup item I can’t live without, it’s concealer. I use concealer without foundation on days where I can’t be bothered to go full out with my makeup and I need it for my under eye circles and my blemishes. My current favourite is the Revolution Conceal and Define which is only £4. Bargain.

5) Slippers

Recently, I have started living in slippers. I have these ones from Primark that have memory foam in them and they are so comfortable and soft.

6) Tea

Considering I drink tea multiple times a day, it would be a crime not to include it on this list. I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a teabag yet.

7) Coffee

I never used to like Coffee oddly enough but now I’m absolutely addicted. My current favourite by far is a Vanilla Latte from Costa. It’s so good!

8) My Bullet Journal

Again, I use my Bullet Journal on a daily basis and I wouldn’t be without it. I use it to plan out my day, track my habits and mood and journal about my day. I love it.

9) My Family and Friends

You all know who you are. Thank you.

10) Oscar

My moggy. My favourite. (And Simba. I will always miss you, darling.)

Love Beth


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