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January Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is all about my set up for January in my Bullet Journal! Let’s get to it!

Cover Page

So, this is what the cover page looks like. My followers over on my bullet journal instagram voted for a constellations theme and I got inspiration from the wonderful AmandaRachLee to create this beautiful cover page.

Of course, I had to include a star related quote and I went for Coldplay’s song which is a classic. Thinking about it, I should have gone for “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” but it doesn’t matter now. I still love it!

Monthly Spread

I absolutely adore this monthly spread. The only thing is the grids are a little bit too small so I can’t fit much into them. Regardless, I think this looks really pretty and I do love it.

Habit and Mood Tracker

I really like the way these spreads compliment each other. I was getting a little stressed out working out the dimensions of my individual habits and so I decided to just group them all together. I then through that the mood tracker matching would work really well and it did!

Blog brainstorm and Brain Dump

I think I made the star pattern surrounding the title on my brain dump too big as I’m struggling to fit a lot in it! However, I do think it looks really pretty and as always, I’m a fan of my blog brainstorm!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you next week!

Love Beth


4 thoughts on “January Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Those little designs are absolutely stunning. I love a good notebook, diary and organisation so this was great to read about. Hope it works well for your mind and ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

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