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BLOGMAS: 15+ Shows I want to See in 2019

Hi everyone! I’ve got a shorter blog post for you today which I hope is okay! Blogmas is practically eating me alive so I hope it’s fine that this one will be relatively short!

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be talking about theatre shows I would like to see in 2019. Now, I have no idea how many shows are going to appear in this list so there could be a lot. Equally, there are also shows that I know are going to appear in this list that I’ve already seen at some point but I miss them. Let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order.

  1. Les Miserables
  2. The Book of Mormon
  3. Company
  4. Wicked
  5. The Lion King
  6. Mamma Mia
  7. Waitress
  8. The Phantom of the Opera
  9. Everybody’s Talking about Jamie
  10. School of Rock
  11. Pinter 7 (Which I’m seeing!)
  12. Come from Away
  13. Follies
  14. The Play that goes Wrong
  15. Hamilton
  16. Betrayal
  17. Six

I haven’t included shows that are closing in January such as Kinky Boots and 42nd Street because there’s a high chance I won’t be able to see them but I will keep you updated if that miraculously changes!

Anyway, these are the shows I want to see in 2019!

Love Beth


One thought on “BLOGMAS: 15+ Shows I want to See in 2019

  1. I am musical theatre fanatic.

    I have a goal each year- see at least one musical. I do hope to see both Aladdin and Les Mis next year- on tour. Tours are my musical world- when you live in the United States, but not close enough to NYC

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