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BLOGMAS: 10 Unusual Things About Me

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about 10 unusual things that you may not know about me. I figured this would be quite interesting for those of you that strictly follow my blog and are not aware of other things about me that I may talk about on my other social medias! I hope you enjoy!

1 – When I’m eating a meal, I like to eat one bit of food at the time providing it’s not mixed in. For example, if I’m having a mcdonalds, I like to eat the fries before I move on to whatever I’ve decided to have on that particular day.

2 – I’m two years “behind” most people my age in terms of education. Why? I dropped out of my first year of A Levels due to my mental health, thus making me a year behind and I’m now on a gap year before university so I’m now two years behind. I’m not ashamed of that in the slightest because you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

3 – I share a birthday with Tom Hanks which is unbelievably cool in my opinion.

4 – You may already have a hunch about this due to one of my previous blogmas posts but at the moment, a true crime youtuber is my favourite type of youtuber at the moment.

5 – I have a massive fascination with space and when I was about 13 years old, I wanted to be an astronomer.

6 – I am very much an introvert and my personality in the Myers Brigg’s personality test is usually INFJ.

7 – Whenever I take a quiz about political positions, I always end up being a socialist of some kind which isn’t surprising to me at all.

8 – I used to have singing lessons when I was in year 10/year 11 and ended up stopping because of school. Yay.

9 – I have an obsession with bullet journals. I could sit for hours on Pinterest saving 1000s of bullet journal photos. It’s why I have a bullet journal account on instagram today.

10 – I used to hate coffee when I was younger but a few years ago, I tried a Gingerbread Latte from Costa and I haven’t looked back since.

And that’s everything! Did you find out something new about me? Let me know!

Love Beth


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