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BLOGMAS: My Favourite True Crime Documentaries/Youtubers

Watching true crime documentaries and youtubers has always been a fascinating time for me. I love to hear about the perpetrators of crime and what led them to commit the crime in the first place. It’s interesting to hear about the nature vs nurture debate and as a previous sociology student, it fascinates me. I’m also interested in how the crimes are solved. I used to want to be involved in criminology in some way so it’s always intrigued me.

Let’s get to it!

Britain’s Darkest Taboos

This has quite a few series now and is about familial crime that has taken place in the UK. For example, the Mick Philpott case, the Tia Sharp case to name a few. I haven’t watched this in a while but it’s really good and very informative.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers

This, oddly enough, talks about killers from Britain. There are two series of this and my Mum and I are absolutely obsessed with it. It talks about the killers upbringings, the murders they committed, how they were caught and consequently the trial and the sentencing.

999 Killer on the Line

This is such an interesting documentary with thorough reenactments of the case. It starts with the killers calling 999 and their version of events before leading into the unraveling of their version and thus ending with what actually happened.

Eleanor Neale

Eleanor is one of my favourite youtubers. She predominantly does solved true crime cases and is always doing series on her channels which are really informative. Her videos can also be up to an hour long which I think is amazing and she’s very respectful.

Georgia Marie

Georgia mainly covers unsolved cases and is so specific with detail, creating a very informative video. She’s extremely respectful of the case in hand and also produces long videos.

Danelle Hallan

Danelle is an absolute sweetheart. Her channel is primarily unsolved missing persons with the main purpose to raise awareness. She always covers requested cases and also brings awareness to the smaller cases.

Kendall Rae

Kendall is a very likeable person and covers such a mixture of topics on her channel. She does unsolved cases, solved cases, conspiracy theories and more.

Shauna Rae

Shauna is a new discovery and is very similar to Georgia in that she gives such specific details of the case she’s talking about. She’s very respectful and kind and I always look forward to her videos!

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Buzzfeed Unsolved is an absolute classic. It covers true crime and supernatural cases which I really enjoy!

And that’s my recommendations! I hope you like some of them and if you have any recommendations for me, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Love Beth


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