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BLOGMAS: Shuffle Songs Tag

Hi guys! A very quick blog post today. I’m going to be doing the shuffle songs tag. I’m going to put my music on shuffle and tell you the first 10 songs that come up and just explain the songs and what I feel that shows! I hope you all enjoy!

1) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ~ Bob Dylan

I absolutely love this song. I also love Guns N Rose’s version. There was also a contestant on “The Voice France” who did an amazing cover of this!

2) River ~ Leon Bridges

I got this song from my Mum who heard it in a tv series she was watching and I have been obsessed since.

3) Human ~ Rag’n’bone Man

I remember first hearing this song and being obsessed with his voice! It’s sooooo good.

4) The Legend of Loco Chanel (And the Blood Red Dress) ~ Everybody’s Talking about Jamie

I’m so glad a song from a musical made an appearance, especially my favourite musical at the moment!

5) The Election of 1800 ~ Hamilton

Hamilton is just absolutely incredible so that’s no surprise a song from there has made an appearance.

6) Hi Ho Silver Lining ~ Jeff Beck

I ended up downloading this song after Stacey and Kevin danced to it on Strictly Come Dancing. I love this song and it makes me happy.

7) Bleeding Out ~ Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are one of my favourite bands and I absolutely adore this song.

8) Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is just so catchy. I love listening to this.

9) High Hopes ~ Panic! At the Disco

I love Panic! At the Disco and even though this song isn’t my favourite of theirs, it’s still really good and so catchy.

10) Don’t Rain on My Parade ~ Funny Girl

A classic musical number. What’s not to love?

I hope you all enjoyed even though this was a shorter post.

Love Beth


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