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BLOGMAS: Theatre Visits 2018

2018 has been a bit of a a meh year for me in terms of theatre. I haven’t been as much as I wanted to, mainly because it’s so bloody expensive!

Today, I’m going to give a round up of all the shows I’ve seen in 2018, as well as give my quick thoughts and feelings. Like I said before, I haven’t seen many shows but I figured I would make this post anyway.

Tumulus ~ 27th January 2018

Tumulus tells the story of a man called Anthony. His one night stand turns up dead and everyone assumes he was another victim of the chemsex culture in London but a second body is discovered and Anthony believes there is a killer involved.

What was so amazing about this production was the fact that only 3 actors played all of the characters between them (and there was a lot!) They had technology to distort their voices and all three of them completely gave it their all. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Foul Pages ~ 6th March 2018

Foul Pages was a play set in 1603. Shakespeare and the countess of Pembroke are struggling with the rewrites of “As You Like it” which must appeal to the new King.

What I liked about this play was how interactive it was. One of the characters was a dog who had lines (not that the other characters knew) but the actor who played the dog was physically amazing and I really enjoyed this play!


Hamilton is a rap musical which tells us the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America.

I booked tickets for this 15 months in advance before I got to see it and boy, was it worth the wait. The production was absolutely incredible. The set design was incredible. The actors were incredible. The songs were incredible and I still listen to the recording now.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie

My current favourite musical, Everybory’s Talking about Jamie is based on the true story of a 16 year old wanting to be a Drag Queen.

As I mentioned before, this is my favourite musical at the moment. The songs are so catchy and the musical has the most amazing ability to make you feel every emotion under the sun. I highly recommend it!

The Madness of George III

The most recent show I’ve seen, The Madness of George III tells the story of King George III and his spiral into madness, as well as the various methods used to get him back to good health successfully.

This was absolutely fantastic and had the best acting I’ve seen in quite a while. I’ve actually made a full review on this previously for Blogmas so click here to check it out!

And that’s the theatre round up for 2018! See you all tomorrow!

Love Beth


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