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BLOGMAS: My Stationery Collection

Today’s blog post probably requires you to sit down with a cup of tea judging by the amount of pictures I’ve taken. I’ll try to keep it short as I’ll be writing about my stationery collection! Enjoy!

Miscellaneous stationery

Some of my favourites from this particular collection are the Sakura Pigma Micron and the pentel fude touch brush pen!

Zebra Mildliners

My favourite colours from this collection are the golden yellow, the purple, the green, the light green and magenta.

Brush Pens

All of these brush pens are my absolute favourites. I love the different style of the tips these brush pens offer and I can’t wait to expand my collection.


I absolutely love my fineliners. The Faber-Castell connector pens are a new discovery and the Stabilo ones have been a firm favourite of mine for a long time and they will continue to be!

Crayola Markers

I absolutely love these because of their versatile use. I quite often use them for calligraphy because of the shape of their nib and they come in so many different colours!


I use highlighters all the time and I love all of these equally! I need to try out some different ones so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

And that’s my stationery collection!

Love Beth


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