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BLOGMAS: Do I Regret Taking a Gap Year?

Back in August 2018, I made the decision to defer my entry to study Politics at Brunel University until the year 2019. This wasn’t a planned gap year and in the grand scheme of things was rather last minute. I didn’t know at the time whether I was making the right decision or not. To answer the question in the title, no I don’t regret taking a gap year. Not one bit.

I’ve been very clear and open on this blog that I struggle with anxiety and depression and the lead up to results day was very difficult for me. It’s that sudden realisation that everything is happening and your mind is completely overwhelmed. I did wonder whether going to university in 2018 at my then firm choice was the right idea.

Results day then arrived and things didn’t go according to plan. Once I realised I was at my insurance choice, I made the decision to defer my entry and like I said before, I will be going to university next year.

I’ve been on my gap year for 3 months now and it has done wonders for my mental health. Of course, I still have the occasional day where my mental health isn’t the greatest but that’s completely normal and I’m learning to get past them as smoothly as possible. I feel I’m going to be in a much better position next year.

Being on a gap year also means that I have the time to save some money for university as it’s going to be so expensive. This hasn’t gone too well at the moment but I’m making progress so that’s all that matters.

One thing that I also think is really good about being on a gap year, is the fact that I get to spend time with my family and my pets. I know that being away from them is going to be difficult but getting to spend time with them means a lot.

However, I do feel a little bit left out. All of my friends are at university and it’s difficult seeing them getting to learn new things and be on the start of a big new chapter in life but I will be there soon!

Overall, I don’t regret taking a gap year and I look forward to starting university soon!

Thank you for reading.

Love Beth


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