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BLOGMAS: My December Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas day 3! Today’s post is all about showing you the set up for my December Bullet Journal! I’m really proud and happy with the way this turned out so let’s get started!

Cover Page

This month’s theme is a loose rendition of Christmas tree lights. I decided to go for red and a purple grey as my accent colours for the month which I really like and I also love the composition of the page!

Monthly Page

This month, I decided to go for a calendar layout instead of a traditional vertical layout. I really like the use of the Christmas tree lights with the calendar layout and the use of my zebra mildliners to give colour to the dates and the days of the week.


I normally track my habits altogether instead of individually so this is something completely different for me. I really like the way this has turned out. I wanted to track fewer habits this month hence the individual trackers.

I want to make sure I’m getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night as my sleeping pattern is somewhat flawed so I’m looking to get that back up. The other habits are the usual ones that I want to track every day.

As for my mood tracker, I love to go for a creative spread as opposed to a graph spread and I had to do multi coloured Christmas Tree lights!


I always have a brain dump each month so that’s nothing new. I store my thoughts there and random doodles and what not so it’s a necessity.

I’m also tracking Blogmas to make sure I’m on top of things so I did a dedicated spread for that!

And that’s my December bullet journal set up!

Love Beth


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