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BLOGMAS: November Bullet Journal Flip-Through

Hi guys! I’m going to be showing you all of my spreads for November and discussing my thoughts and feelings. I  hope you all enjoy this post!

Cover Page

I’m not the biggest fan of the overall result of my cover page. It’s not so much the design of it but rather how the quality has kept up over the course of November. You can see the blue paper peeling near the binding which isn’t great. However, I do like the concept so that’s a plus!

Monthly page

I absolutely love this monthly page so much. I think it’s possibly the best one I’ve done. I love the clouds that highlight the days of the week and the overall colour scheme. I’m a huge fan.


I really like these trackers but as you can see, I’m starting to slack with my habit tracker. Tomorrow’s post is all about my December bullet journal and you will be able to see I’ve changed it up slightly. As for the mood tracker, I like it but it’s not my favourite.

Blog planner and brain dump

Oh, I do love how messy these spreads are. I don’t really mind though because they served their purpose and that’s all that matters!

Weekly spreads

Ooh, I really like this spread looking back. I love the green colours overall and the overall composition of the spread.

I’m not a big fan of this spread if I’m honest. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t fit the Saturday and Sunday into this spread as I was feeling a structured weekly spread.

Ah yes, the blogmas planner I never used properly. Let’s just skip past this, shall we?

Can you tell I like green spreads? I think it’s because the autumn in me was spiralling out of control.

Ooh, we have a yellow spread mixed in here! I do quite like the variety of colours and the use of yellow paper for the days (even though I ended up originally using the yellow paper as I made a mistake.)

I LOVE this spread so much! I love how different it is for me and I loved how convenient it was at the time.

And now my final, and currently unfinished, spread. I like the month lettering at the top and it makes me miss the shadow lettering I used to do!

And that’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

Love Beth


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