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BLOGMAS: An Introduction

Welcome to Blogmas 2018! I’m so excited to be doing this for you all. I have it all planned out and I’m getting a head start on the blog posts so that I can actually complete it but I am committed!

In today’s post, I’m going to be discussing the schedule and the posts I will be doing throughout the next 24 days. I hope you like all of the posts and that there’s something for you.

The schedule will remain the same as my weekly schedule. 5pm every single day from today until 24th December! So that’s 24 blogs for you all to enjoy and I hope you do!

  • December 1st (today): Blogmas Introduction
  • December 2nd: November Bullet Journal Flip through
  • December 3rd: December Bullet Journal Plan With Me
  • December 4th: Q&A
  • December 5th: The Madness of George III review
  • December 6th: Do I regret taking a gap year?
  • December 7th: November Unibox unboxing
  • December 8th: A Big old Stationery Collection
  • December 9th: Christmas Tag part 1
  • December 10th: Notebook Ideas for your Bullet Journal
  • December 11th: Theatre Round-up 2018
  • December 12th: Christmas Tag part 2
  • December 13th: shuffle Songs Tag
  • December 14th: December Unibox unboxing
  • December 15th: My Favourite True Crime Documentaries and Youtubers
  • December 16th: 10 places I’d like to visit
  • December 17th: 10 unusual things about me
  • December 18th: Everybody’s Talking about Jamie review
  • December 19th: Dingbats Notebook review
  • December 20th: Mental Health Update
  • December 21st: Shows I want to see in 2019
  • December 22nd: 2019 Bullet Journal Set Up
  • December 23rd: My Favourite Bullet Journal Spreads 2018
  • December 24th: End of Year Reflection

And that’s the schedule! I really hope you all enjoy and I shall see you all tomorrow!

Love Beth


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