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Why I Love Autumn

I have always been a massive fan of autumn. I’m much more of a winter and autumnal person than I am a spring and summer person. Hot weather just angers me. Autumn has a sense of tranquillity to it.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the reasons why I love autumn. Enjoy!

The Colours/Scenery

Gelert’s grave, Beddgelert, Snowdonia, Wales

The colours of autumn are stunning. From the browns to the greens, to the reds to the oranges, what’s not to love? The colours also make for good Bullet Journal spreads so there’s always that.

The fashion

I am most comfortable in autumn and winter when it comes to fashion. Thick coats? Jumpers? Dr Martens? The best. I prefer to have multiple layers and autumn is the best time for that.

 Cosy nights in

Cosy nights in are the best thing to exist in terms of autumn. I love getting home from a day out when it’s dark outside in the early evening and jumping straight into my pyjamas. Candles are usually lit straight away (as shown above) and then it’s time to curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a tv show or a film to watch.

Closeness to my family

I’d like to apologise for how rude my family and I are. 

All of my family are obsessed with autumn. As a result, we always go on an autumnal holiday to Snowdonia in Wales and it’s one of the best weeks and best holidays. We get on so well when we’re away and have the funniest times as well as creating memories to cherish forever.

Why do you love autumn? Let me know!

Love Beth


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