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My Favourite Stationery Items

Hi all! Today, I’m going to share with you my favourite stationery! As a person involved with the study community on Instagram, I have got a hefty collection of various types of stationery. However, it’s worth noting that I’ve always really liked stationery from a young age and the highlight of going back to school shopping was always picking out stationery for the next year. Anyone else relate?

Without further ado, here are my favourite stationery items!

 Dingbats Notebook – link to buy it

My favourite notebook that I’ve tried so far for my bullet journal. It comes with a pocket at the back, a pen holder, a string book mark and an elastic closure. The paper is really smooth and is really good quality. I highly recommend this for keeping a bullet journal!

Uniball Signo DX 0.5 gel pen 

I really like using this gel pen for my bullet journal. It’s such a smooth pen which is why I like to use it in my bullet journal. The only downside is it’s not easy to get hold of in the UK. The 0.7 tip is more common in supermarkets and your standard stationery store but I prefer writing with a 0.5 tip. I got this from a Japanese store in London in Soho I’m pretty sure.

Muji 0.5 Gel Pen – link to buy it

I see Muji gel pens everywhere on Instagram and yes, I’m one of those people that really likes them. It’s a really smooth pen and also (admittedly) aesthetically pleasing to look at. I use the 0.5 size but I have recently purchased the 0.38 size which I will be testing in the near future! I also have a Muji smooth gel ink pen which is a retractable pen and comes in 0.5. However, I have not used that often enough to give a verdict just yet.

Pentel fude touch brush pen- link to buy it

Since joining the studygram community, I have seen calligraphy everywhere and have been fascinated by it. I’ve tried various brush pens and this is my favourite small nib one. It’s not that flexible which makes it very good for beginners and it’s also very durable. It’s lasted for such a long time and I love it.

Stationery Island brush pens and brush markers – link to buy brush pens and link to buy brush pens

I absolutely adore these two different brush pens from stationery island! There are so many beautiful colours and the quality of them are amazing. The brush pens are made from bristles (they’re almost like paint brushes) so they’re extremely flexible. I wouldn’t recommend these for beginners but they are so beautiful. The brush markers are made from a felt nib and therefore are less flexible for beginners. The ink in these are water based so these can also be used for watercolours. Yay!

Zebra Mildliners – link to buy it 

I am honestly obsessed with these highlighters. They come in so many beautiful colours and are of decent quality! I highly recommend.

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