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A Q&A About Education

Hi everyone! Long time no see again. Today I’m back with a Q&A about education and I asked for questions on Twitter and Instagram! If you would like to take part in future Q&As, feel free to click on the links so you’re notified on when I’m asking for questions!

With the cheeky plug out of the way, let’s get onto the questions!

1) Do you have advice on organisation and planning, motivation and success?

In order to keep organised and to help with my planning , I use a Bullet Journal. I have made blog posts about this before but to save plugging my content any further, here’s a link to the youtube video uploaded by the creator of the bullet journal system. Since his upload, the bullet journal system has evolved with the use of creativity and a huge bonus is how you can customise it to your own needs. I thoroughly recommend it.

In terms of motivation and success, I like to set myself goals within my Bullet Journal. These allow me to feel motivated and help me along the process to success. Equally, I also find watching study youtubers motivating and there’s also a video going around at the moment entitled “get productive with me.” These have been very helpful for me recently and again, I definitely recommend them.

2) Looking back, do you wish you’d chosen different subjects?

Yes, both at GCSE and at A Level. There were some subjects that I found really tedious and when I look back, I always wonder what on earth made me think to take those subjects.

At GCSE, the options I took were Art Graphics, Photography, Geography and French. If I were in a position NOW where I was choosing my options for GCSES, I would take Geography, History, French and Sociology. French was a pain in the backside and I did struggle with it but I think it’s a useful GCSE to have and my year 11 teacher was an angel. However, I am not an artistic person in the slightest so I don’t know why I took Art and even Photography. Ultimately though, you learn from your mistakes.

For A Levels, I took Sociology, English Language and History. Now, I wish I had taken English Literature instead of Language and Geography instead of History. If there’s one subject I miss studying, it’s Geography. It was interesting, enjoyable and I was actually good at it.

3) Have GCSEs helped you with your A Levels academic wise?

At the time, the jump between GCSEs and A Levels didn’t seem that big but looking back, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I don’t think it helped me that much. Yes, it gave me the foundation knowledge to some extent but that only applied to A Levels and GCSEs that were the same subject.

4) Has your secondary school experience helped you with your college experience?

No. College and school were completely different. I can’t talk from a sixth form perspective but the way you’re treated is completely different. You’re treated like an adult at college but not at school. You’re given more independence at college than you get at school. If you don’t put the work in at college, there’s no one there to chase you up like there was at school. That’s not to say you’re on your own as you can ask for help but it’s more of a case of you going about it yourself rather than the teachers asking.

5) What do you think of the new linear A Levels?

I hated them. Although it means there’s less pressure on you in first year, the amount of pressure in second year is awful. Furthermore, the amount of content you have to remember is ridiculous. It completely wrecked my mental health and I don’t like them at all.

6) What’s the single most useful piece of advice you’ve ever received regarding education?

I can’t really think of any at the top of my head. More so motivational quotes from my sociology teacher such as “you are flying.” I miss him.

7) Would you recommend your college?

I did like the way that we were treated as adults but I miss the structure of school and I didn’t get that. You were free to turn up to lessons and then bugger off home. If there was a strict time from 9 until 3/4, I could have utilised free periods and I would have felt more settled. At the time I did kind of like it but looking back, it wasn’t beneficial.

Thank you all for the questions! See you soon for a future post!

Love Beth


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