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My Newest Tattoo – How Was It?

Growing up, I was surrounded by tattoos and was seemingly fascinated by them. My Mum has many tattoos and I was always in love with them and vowed to get some when I turned 18. A year on from turning 18, I now have 4 and I have completely fallen in love with them all. I will eventually post a blog all about my tattoos but I’d like to get a few more done before that happens. I have been asked a bunch of times what the process of getting a tattoo is like which is what I’m going to be talking about in this post.

The first step is picking out a design. I have always wanted a bee on my wrist since I was old enough to get tattoos. There isn’t a deep personal meaning to this tattoo (only one of my tattoos has a meaning behind it and that was my first one). I decided I wanted it because I liked it. I saw the bee on a set of flash on a tattoo studio’s Facebook page and contacted them to get booked in.

The next step was deciding where I wanted the little bee to go on my body. I’ve always wanted a tattoo on the inner part of my wrist/arm but was initially weary because of the stigma surrounding tattoos and jobs. In the end, I thought sod it. I told the tattoo artist that’s where I wanted it done and all of the details were settled.

I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about this tattoo. I imagined the inner part of my wrist to be extremely tender and painful and I had to seek comfort from people telling me that the pain is bearable. Thankfully, they were right.

My tattoo artist was extremely lovely and immediately put me at ease from the get go. It helps to have someone who’s going to be chatty throughout the process as it helps to take your mind off the pain. We chatted about other tattoos I wanted, results day (unfortunately) and future plans. It may seem awkward but it really does help to put your mind elsewhere.

However, like I mentioned before, the pain really wasn’t bad. Tattoo pain is such a weird pain in that it almost isn’t painful and is more uncomfortable. The vibrations from the needle certainly helped to make the feeling more towards uncomfortable than straight up painful. In all honesty, this was my easiest tattoo by far. I found my lower leg and ankle tattoo far more painful and even more bearable than the upper inner part of my arm.

Now, I’m in the healing process of my tattoo and as I’m typing this, it’s extremely itchy and covered in scabs. All part of the fun I guess.

And that’s my newest tattoo. See you for my next post!

ta ta for now

beth xxx

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