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How I Bullet Journal in the Summer

My Bullet Journal is one of my favourite things. It allows me to remain organised during the school year and allows me to indulge on my creative side during the summer. The way I use my Bullet Journal during term time versus the way I use it in the summer is extremely different and today, I’m going to run through that.

I’ve mentioned before that the process of decorating my Bullet Journal is very therapeutic for me. It helps me to deal with my anxiety and it allows any stress or tension that’s built up inside me to gradually disappear. Moreover, the planning and organisation that’s put into a bullet journal, even in the summer, also helps with my overall mental health and I end up becoming a more positive person as a result!

One thing I’ve noticed during the summer is I’m a lot more experimental with my spreads! During term time, I tend to keep things the same that I know work for me and enable me to keep organised what with school and other commitments. I don’t have that in the summer so I’m able to try out new layouts and see what works for me, even if I’m not always keen.

The following photos are my set up from July and a couple of weekly spreads from the month which will allow you to get a visual understanding of the process I go through. If you’d like to see a step by step process blog post of me planning out my monthly set ups, let me know!

Cover page

My cover page changes from month to month depending on the theme I have. For example, the above “theme” is simply a collage of photos with a blue/pink/red colour scheme as I couldn’t think of anything in particular like clouds or an autumnal theme. Some of my past themes have included pride for June, Star Wars for May and snowflakes for December to name a few! Some bullet journalists incorporate their themes throughout the month continuously but I don’t always do that which is fine! This is one thing that stays the same in the summer and also appears in my bullet journal during term time.

Monthly spread and Trackers

My monthly spread and trackers also stay during the summer, albeit with some differences in my trackers. However, the layout of my monthly spread changes from month to month regardless of whether it’s summer or not. For July, I had a traditional calendar layout whereas in August, I have a vertical layout. It all depends on how I’m feeling as I’m setting up for the month!

My trackers change in the summer. Whilst I do keep my habit tracker,mood tracker and water tracker, my study tracker takes a break as I’m not really doing any studying in the summer so there’s no need to track it. I also used to track my sleep but I tended to do that more during term time as my sleeping patterns are non existent during the summer! The layouts of my trackers tend to stay the same but in July, I included them with my monthly spread which admittedly I wasn’t keen on so I switched them back to my separate pages.

Weekly spreads

I am not a minimalist person when it comes to my weekly spreads in my Bullet Journal. I like my spreads to be busy and full of decoration as I feel like it represents my mind and how cluttered with information it is. I decorate my spreads on a daily basis as opposed to weekly during term time with washi tapes, stickers, photos, doodles as well as some extra space to write about my day and how I’m feeling. I feel like my Bullet Journal becomes more of a journal in the summer as opposed to a planner per say.

And that’s it on how I use my Bullet Journal in the summer! I hope this gives you some insight into how I do it! See you soon for another post. I have so many ideas lined up, all planned out in my bullet journal incidentally, which I can’t wait to share with you!

Love Beth


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